kangaroo care

i’ve been studying lactation for quite some time now in preparation for the exam and came across this sweet video on kangaroo care in malawi. we support kangaroo care at work, but to see it in a place with limited resources (i.e. no incubators) and using the mother as the heat source is truly amazing. it is so precious and amazing what the human body can do!


holistic remedies for babies? help!

this bathing beauty is on the outs lately with horrible deep chest congestion (this is not a picture of the past few days, trust me.. lots of snot involved haha). the nicu nurse in me is very fearful that it is RSV, read here if you’re not familiar. RSV is not nice and can be pretty wicked. i see a lot of flu/virus/cold/awfulness at work and especially this time of year. her cold has not gotten worse, but it also has not gotten better. i’m looking for some ideas on holistic remedies recommended for infants? any momma’s have some tricks of the trade they’d like to share? i’ve heard clove and eucalyptus oil with a vaporizer can help and you know i’m doing steam showers, vaporizers, and chest physical therapy like it’s my job (again the nicu nurse in me ha!). i hope my little lady feels better soon because it sure does break my little heart to not be with her every day when she doesn’t feel well.


friday..you’re cute

thank goodness it’s friday and no work this weekend! we’ve got some fun plans ahead – birthday parties and brunches..with maybe a little zoo action. what’s making this day so great also is that this momma got the part time position at work!! self high fives for everyone! super excited about it and spending more time with our little lady. however, it doesn’t start till beginning of february..but i think i can make it now with some light at the end of the tunnel!

we’d really love some snow here in DC soon, preferably a weekend momma is home :) clementine is not impressed by this warmer weather haha! this grumps makes me crack up every time and also reminds me of this.

hope you’re off to a great weekend friends!


world prematurity day!

happy world prematurity day! im honored to care for the little ones at work and truly lucky we have the support of the march of dimes, medical teams and staff, and families. after having a premature baby myself, it makes me appreciate all that we do even more for premature babies. now let’s hug our little ones today and remember those that cannot be with us!



fingers and toes crossed

there are some good things that have been happening lately! as many know, ive really been having a tough time with this full time work, days off momma solo, studying for lactation exam (part two), running of course, somewhere sleep, and part super hero. im beyond beat. but don’t get me wrong, i love what i do! those babies, mommas, and lactation education make me happy. however, the opportunity to work part time has been something ive been wanting, begging, crying, praying for…you name it and ive done it. there may be some light in the tunnel though because they released two part time positions and i am so hopeful. it’s not worked out in the past yet (applied for a few now ha!) but every time im hopeful and even more this time. ive always been an optimist and at this point all i have is hope (well and my fingers and toes crossed ha!). so maybe this year, all ill ask santa for is this position… to stay home more with my little lady, maybe a little more sleep (sleep is always a good thing, i miss it!), and time for some more fun (been dying to break out this new sewing machine!!). positive thoughts and some toe crossing for me guys!!


for all the veterans!!

a very happy veterans day to all those that are serving and/or have served! we are so appreciative to all that you do and help keep our country safe! i cannot fathom a country where we did not have your support and hats off to you on your special holiday. also, a very happy veterans day to my dad and c’s poppop! he served in the navy and was a pilot. i am so proud to call him my dad (even if he doesn’t like smiling in pictures haha!). we look up to him in our family for all that he has accomplished and wish him a wonderful holiday!



so proud!

as i cuddle back up at home safely, i pray for those who are still being affected by hurricane sandy. i am proud to be a nicu nurse and give big hugs and lots of love to the nurses, families, and patients (big and very small) in NYC. my heart goes out to those in the hospital that was shut down due to sandy’s horrible aftermath. the nurses bagged ventilated patients down multiple flights of stairs and kept the patient’s safety their number one priority. i can only imagine what my night at the hospital last night would have been given if we were in the same situation. bless you NYC nicu nurses, you make us proud and remind me why i became a nurse in the first place!


photo source


it’s official

it is officially declared a weather emergency. looks like this momma will be staying with the nicu babies at the hospital, for how long who knows at this point. praying that all my friends, family, and beyond are safe. hoping i hear from husband with some pictures and love notes because my little heart is having such a hard time with this. i know it’s for the best and for safety, but as a momma you can’t help but want to be with your little ones. hug your little ones and family a bit more, and i’ll hug and love my patients a bit more today too.



momma ochse

hurricane sandy in the city

the east coast is preparing for hurricane sandy and she should make her debut any hour now. husband is preparing for the hurricane at home with the little ones. he apparently is well prepared for the natural disaster if it affects the inside of our apartment and he can quickly go somewhere on foot! ha!


husband and little miss also went out to get some ice before the brunt of the storm visits us. he was not sure how to best make her waterproof and sent me this as the best he could find. where is our little one? haha! i couldn’t help but cry laughing at this picture and it was a much needed photo as i’m most likely stuck at work for an unknown amount of time. i’m trying to stay positive and pray that my family and everyone is safe, but i sure do wish i was home with my family. say some extra positive thoughts for this momma because i sure am having a hard time! especially since i’ve been working the past 4 out of 5 days and this was supposed to be my day to go home!


katie from chicago

my friend katie will forever be referred to as “katie from chicago” despite her moving up to new york this coming week. it is with a very heavy heart to say goodbye for now to such a good friend. we first became friends sitting next to each other in nursing pre-requisite courses, where it all began! since then, we’ve both graduated from school and work at the same children’s hospital. together we’ve competed in a triathlon and tons of running events downtown, gotten into plenty of shenanigans on the weekends, seen through engagements and pregnancies, and now babies. i can’t imagine not getting together for a morning run and breakfast or zoey, the pup, not freaking out with excitement when katie comes over, so for now i’ll say so long and not goodbye dear friend. and don’t tell me you’re one of those “oh we’ll keep in touch” people because lord knows i’m gonna stalk your butt if i don’t hear from you! miss you tons already.