’re cute

thank goodness it’s friday and no work this weekend! we’ve got some fun plans ahead – birthday parties and brunches..with maybe a little zoo action. what’s making this day so great also is that this momma got the part time position at work!! self high fives for everyone! super excited about it and spending more time with our little lady. however, it doesn’t start till beginning of february..but i think i can make it now with some light at the end of the tunnel!

we’d really love some snow here in DC soon, preferably a weekend momma is home :) clementine is not impressed by this warmer weather haha! this grumps makes me crack up every time and also reminds me of this.

hope you’re off to a great weekend friends!



30 days of thanksgiving

on instagram ive been participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving. it’s basically posting pictures and notes of what your thankful for and reflecting on good things as the holiday season starts. you can find me on the side link for instagram but i thought id share this picture. it was taken last fall after a nice hike down near blacksburg at a local favorite. i haven’t seen husband without a beard in almost a year and we look so young (and maybe less tired too haha!)! it’s such a sweet picture and so fun to see how much has changed. im so thankful husband and i share a love for the outdoors and that we’ve made such great memories exploring together (and for what i hope is exploring to come with our little miss too). what are you thankful for?


first race post-baby!

over the weekend, we geared up for our first race post-baby! we decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and visit the army 10 miler expo to get our race packets, then head over to eastern market. i really love living so close to DC and able to visit the flea market and all the homemade items for sale. the bear shirt was pretty spot on for a gift to give my brother, blast they didn’t have his size!


we also stopped by for a bite at good stuff with uncle chris, goodness do i love that place. cheeseburgers, fries, shakes. the infamous toasted marshmallow shake is heaven with a straw in it. bless you spike and your creations! luckily, we were able to sit outside as it was kind of crazy with all the veterans in town for the race on sunday.


pre-race photo. we obviously all look very awake this early in the morning! and our survival photo, we don’t look too unhappy, right?



post-race brunch and beverages with poppop and nana. and our little miss in her first high chair! time is flying way too fast for us over here.


and to close our day, papa was not feeling well (which momma clearly did not know before the race OR somebody would not have been running it!) after the race and ended up with some sort of bug. he’s still home, not feeling great but he’s got a great nurse if i must say! visiting an urgent care clinic, is NOT fun with children. the end. haha!



annual apple picking of course!

we went on an annual apple picking adventure! poor papa had to stay home with work, but nana and poppop went. this orchard is one of our favorites with its no frills set up and full of apples, pumpkins, hayrides, and petting zoo (little miss is still trying to figure out what goats are hehe). i kind of was so incredibly excited to take little miss for the first time, she seemed to really enjoy it. can’t wait till next year when momma or papa will be running after her little legs! note: the picture with her big old tongue sticking out, she’s discovered that the wind feels super interesting on her tongue, hilarious! babies really are too funny.








tid bits of the weekend

again, i feel like i should say is it really almost the weekend because somehow these weeks are flying by for us (at least in this household). tid bits of this past weekend: family trail run in rock creek, post-run brunch at open city (have you noticed our frequency of visits lately? for some reason, their food + coffee, you just can’t go wrong! well also conveniently located at our running end spot), wedding on the river (yay! nobody got sea sick :) and a really special night out sans baby), thrifting and visits to del ray (also good coffee found). hope you’re kicking off the weekend right!




the week is over already?

can i tell you how much i wish sweetgreen had a frequent customer card? yup, because it’s really that bad of a habit. i’m pretty sure whomever came up with the concept of healthy salads to go is pure genius and has quite a money tree going these days. we took our little family of four (including the pup) to grab some delicious food for the evening before i worked all weekend, boo!

it really humbles my little heart when i get messages at work of husband and little miss having such a good weekend. these two, well, they just make me smile. first time on the swings (yes, i may have pouted and teared up missing this moment) with papa and all smiles (still toothless!). i hate missing weekends with them, but this helps a little. hope you’re off to some fun things this weekend! we sure are – wedding on a boat (let’s hope this girl doesn’t get sea sick, ha!), exploring rock creek, and i’m guessing a visit to a brunch place in the district. CANNOT WAIT!

just one

one tired little baby

one run with my little ones

one evening at a local favorite

one trail run with papa, little miss, and the pup.

one bits of chick food being made for little miss20120919-154346.jpg

one picnic outside enjoying a fall day – bring on the pumpkin beers, cinnamon drinks, and cozy nights.

holidays are for fun

like i’ve said before, i’ve been working so many weekends lately, it sure was such nice to have labor day off! i took full advantage of the day off starting bright and early. uncle chris met us for a morning run through rock creek park with little miss (god bless those jogging strollers because they are a sure bet way to get in a nap!).


we also brunched post-run at a city favorite of ours – open city. their menu has a great selection and really wonderful coffee.


we visited with some dear college friends. great company, good laughter, and delicious food. i mean delicious. they made a huge afternoon meal full of italian food, my stomach was so happy!


the next day, we had a morning breakfast and coffee date just husband and i at northside social (our favorite place for coffee, baked goods, and wine/beer). i think it might of been our second time away from little miss, which is kinda bad but so special because we don’t get many opportunities just us two.


and i totally caught these two reading stories. my heart is full! these two make it melt so easily. papa gets very into the stories as you can tell :)


My kinda weekend

We had a low key weekend after a really trying do people work, stay healthy, pack for daycare, be super mom/dad, and have energy? Oh and don’t forget the relationship between papa and momma too. It’s definitely something we are figuring out, although I’m not sure we’ve made progress yet.

We tried to stay low key this weekend because we tend to always say yes to everyone instead of putting ourselves first. We took advantage of tax free shopping (for anyone who knows me, it’s okay you can get up off the floor. I did shop for a short bit then I felt like my soul was dying in the mall and had to leave immediately. Typical.), spent time with the uncles, ran in the wicked heat, enjoyed doughnuts from our favorite coffee shop, and biggest of all – little miss rolled over. Super big deal in our house (as if the delirious laughter from a parent didn’t give it away in this video?). We are those parents :) and seriously who is this kid? I mean posing already? Oh boy are we in for it with this little lady!

Hope you had a great one and are off to a great week!






Love summer

After my first week back to work, I was more than ready for some days off. I’m definitely so exhausted after this week back and we had such a fun weekend with little rest we shall see how this week goes!

Clementine got to meet Rocky finally at busboys and poets (Ashley’s boyfriend was a trooper with these babies!), family came from the north and south, got some nice runs in the city this weekend and the best part of all is that we had our first date night out! We had an amazing tapas style meal at Cava followed with gelato. It was awesome. Just a really lovely summer weekend and so sad it is over :(