The Words.

remember these pictures? this is back on our babymoon in park city where i was about 6-7 months pregnant with little miss. this last picture does not lie, there i am snowshoeing. i mean why would i ever sit to relax when i can be outdoors on my vacations even while carrying a baby?

we had tons of fun in park city because it was also during sundance! i had never been and we were excited to go. we waited for the premiere opening of bradley cooper’s new film, “the words” for like 2+ hours (i think) and missed getting in by 2 people!! people weren’t really feeling the please let the pregnant go see the film so we missed it but i’m so excited its finally coming to theaters in september (i think this might have to be a momma and papa date!).

and like most sundance films, i’m sure it’ll be dark and end abruptly with no closure :)


Baby Mooning

Kinda wish we were still in vacation mode. Tear. We had a great time – Sundance films, snowshoeing, massages, eating (found some Jarritos!), sleeping.. pure joy. Captured a few pics, some might be blurry because it was a tad bit chilly and my hand may have been shaking haha!










Baby Moon part 1 of 2.

We thought it would be super nice to break up a baby moon into a mini trip and a little longer. For our first weekend of fun we headed to Boston! We had so much visiting, eating, and walking through one of our favorite cities. Would of posted pictures from bgood but I consumed my meal in record time at 11 am… shake, fries, and burger. Me, pregnant? You don’t say! We also frequented the wholy grain (incredible), stella’s (delicious), and no trip is complete without anthropologie.