nobody tells you

nobody told me when having our little miss that some babies do NOT nap! good grief crazy baby! someone’s been up since 5 every morning and nonstop till about 3:30 pm. heaven help us!



it’s been real quiet..

we have been real quiet on this little family blog.. had a no good cold run through the house, working a bunch of weekends (no family fun, boo!), and just all around exhausted. the good news is we are looking up and up, feeling better, and ready to enjoy some cold days soon!

look at this little number that papa dressed little miss in ready for a fun day of daycare. i mean, could i die a little more inside?! and don’t get me started on the boots…. good lord those are amazing (thank you ashlee for the donation!). good work husband!


tid bits of the weekend

again, i feel like i should say is it really almost the weekend because somehow these weeks are flying by for us (at least in this household). tid bits of this past weekend: family trail run in rock creek, post-run brunch at open city (have you noticed our frequency of visits lately? for some reason, their food + coffee, you just can’t go wrong! well also conveniently located at our running end spot), wedding on the river (yay! nobody got sea sick :) and a really special night out sans baby), thrifting and visits to del ray (also good coffee found). hope you’re kicking off the weekend right!