tid bits of the weekend

again, i feel like i should say is it really almost the weekend because somehow these weeks are flying by for us (at least in this household). tid bits of this past weekend: family trail run in rock creek, post-run brunch at open city (have you noticed our frequency of visits lately? for some reason, their food + coffee, you just can’t go wrong! well also conveniently located at our running end spot), wedding on the river (yay! nobody got sea sick :) and a really special night out sans baby), thrifting and visits to del ray (also good coffee found). hope you’re kicking off the weekend right!





thrifting finds


many times when going thrifting, you may come home empty handed. goodness knows i have come home with a sad face sometimes! however, practically half of little miss’ nursery is thrifted, vintage, and/or refurbished; which took me about all of the 9 months of baking in my belly to find items i was looking for but it was so much fun! i was super excited this week to find a few things from the local stores in Del Rey (Alexandria-ish area) this week.

vintage rocky mountain national park poster featuring longs peak. we absolutely love colorado and have visited the area that this poster features. i had bought it with the intention of it being a holiday present for one of my family members, but i’m not sure husband will let it go! he loves it too much. i guess that’s why they’re such great finds, right? one-of-a-kinds are hard to come by, but let’s hope i can convince him to play nice :)


hello childhood! i about died when i saw these books. don’t these take you right back to stories and cuddles at bedtime with your momma and papa? these are the perfect addition to little miss’ book collection. i hope she enjoys them as much as i did growing up!


now what i really hope to find is a few clothing items for momma and little miss soon, but we shall see…you never know what you’ll find!





an itty bitty weekend.

saturday was our last day before our first time of daddy day care and the day i returned to work. we enjoyed some delicious sweetgreen salads (i’m pretty sure i’ve had the bondi salad multiple times a week for my entire maternity leave now) and a morning outing in eastern market. we finally visited the children consignment, monkeys uncle (been dying to make a visit for so long now!) and so glad we did. found the most perfect cozy outfit for clementine. we will definitely be returning to the store soon!

sweet papa sent me this picture during my first shift back, bless you husband. really needed it. Like REALLY.


finds and thrifting. a favorite.

c and i went to some of the boutiques and shops in old towne after a very long and exhausting day (half day at day care = little miss went on hunger strike, ah gee). been wanting to go into pretty people vintage for quite some time and so glad i did. the owner is sweet and warm,  and her shop has some really great items. i was such a tired momma that when we chatted, it was pretty challenging to be there, present. haha!

mint top that really is so lovely and caught my eye. husband loves it too and thought it was a great find as well. bless him.

bought these hair clips for c at thrift/consignment. and when did i become that momma that my kid always has hair accessories? because it’s awesome. that’s why. haha.

wicked holiday

 heat and humidity – dc welcomes summer!

we spent the holiday this week doing some mid-day things because the weather + new baby, we weren’t sure that going down to dc was in the cards for us this year. we met up with my family for lunch, ice cream, and a little thrifting.

we lunched in old towne at southside 815, which had great southern comfort foods of pulled bbq, po-boys, fried pickles. we also went to del ray for some ice cream and sweet thrifting for little miss. hope your holiday was great!

love the table designs at the ice cream storeour little miss

new series: {just for momma}

i see lots of ideas from blogs on what to wear during pregnancy (which i love love), but as i have this new body and am working to get some of my old body back.. i wonder what about ideas to wear post-baby? especially things to make women feel beautiful. inside and out.

as a new mom – we may be working through emotions, changes, sleep loss, figuring out your baby, and making time for your partner. it’d be refreshing as a new mom, to start focusing on the momma a little and getting back to pre-baby self (although i’m not sure i remember much before little miss, it’s all a blur and not nearly as spectacular. let’s face it – those babies kinda make the world more amazing.). so…

i wanted to start a new series: {just for momma} with some pics from out and about in an outfit that brings a skip to my step and makes me smile.


Currently obsessed with Pinterest – which is like a huge board of creativity similar to Etsy.. I found a great holiday gift idea for Mike and holiday garland idea for our party. It was fun to get creative and find some ideas at the craft store.. and a good way to keep myself busy when you only have days off during the week and not the weekend – boo!

The best part of the DIY present is it gave me an excuse to visit my favorite vintage store Miss Pixies for some ridiculous postcards.. what doesnt say love like awkward families on postcards? :) Pinned Image

Courtesy of Design Sponge (T) & Whisker Graphics (B)


Lovely nights off..gorgeous baby shower for leena at work (pics with the girls), mikes day off on Friday with me (cafe le ruche and miss pixies..absolutely love), brunch with friends at hot spot tryst (everything about this place was amazing but so was the company), wedding bliss of our two friends who met at our engagement party..teary eyed just thinking about it!

Pics to show this lovin weekend!