it’s the small things in life…



like making a homemade meal! we’ve been still kinda up-down-here-there with getting into a good routine as we both work full time. the juggling act of parent-worker bee-spouse-friend-superhero is something of a work in progress a lot of the time. so when i somehow come up with a meal that husband hasn’t cooked, it kind of makes me want to high five myself! husband cooks a lot for us and is kind of really big deal in our house.

mexican style cuisine night largely because of the rick bayless green chile enchilada sauce. so we start with vegetables of your choice (i chose yellow zucchini) and quinoa as the starch (can always substitute).


then we have our chicken, oven safe dish, and cant forget the sauce!



place desired serving of quinoa in the bottom of the dish and chopped vegetables on top


next, placed sliced chicken in the dish and complete the process with.. yes, you guessed it.. the sauce!


lastly, bake at 400 degrees until the quinoa and chicken are fully cooked. 20120828-111049.jpg

it needs no added seasoning and is a true life savor in this household because time is sparse these days. you can add as many vegetables as you want (i’m thinking we need bigger dishes so we can have more vegetables in there!) and the meal is gluten free which is a hot item these days! there’s no way this didn’t taste amazing, right??



pretty please

i may have fell in love with these items today… pretty please?!

this dress and top from lalamagic is incredible. it certainly was love at first . i love things that are not super form fitting, have really fun colors, and good outfit material (by trade, i’m a nurse; so creativity may sometimes be a work in progress). so pretty much everything in this store i may need to have :)

i was reading a beautiful mess on print ideas and this might be the most perfect addition to our place. even if it’s just family visiting, i always feel the need to clean and have the place looking somewhat decent (it’s always that lovely guilt-torture silliness i put on myself that turns into a cleaning fiasco prior to their arrival).. so i feel like this poster would be perfect right as you walk in the door, then maybe that way there would be no confusion as to “condition” you’re entering and i could go easier on myself. haha!

you know once you find something you love on etsy, you just end up finding 500 million other things! i’ve been learning to give myself a time limit because you can totally get lost in all their beautiful homemade items, vintage and thrifted goods, and who knows what else. like this (you know that pillow speaks to you).

i really love this tiny little ring. i’m not a big jewelry person, but i could totally wear this every day. simple, yet classic, and pretty much says it all.

thrifting finds


many times when going thrifting, you may come home empty handed. goodness knows i have come home with a sad face sometimes! however, practically half of little miss’ nursery is thrifted, vintage, and/or refurbished; which took me about all of the 9 months of baking in my belly to find items i was looking for but it was so much fun! i was super excited this week to find a few things from the local stores in Del Rey (Alexandria-ish area) this week.

vintage rocky mountain national park poster featuring longs peak. we absolutely love colorado and have visited the area that this poster features. i had bought it with the intention of it being a holiday present for one of my family members, but i’m not sure husband will let it go! he loves it too much. i guess that’s why they’re such great finds, right? one-of-a-kinds are hard to come by, but let’s hope i can convince him to play nice :)


hello childhood! i about died when i saw these books. don’t these take you right back to stories and cuddles at bedtime with your momma and papa? these are the perfect addition to little miss’ book collection. i hope she enjoys them as much as i did growing up!


now what i really hope to find is a few clothing items for momma and little miss soon, but we shall see…you never know what you’ll find!





next purchases for little miss

things on our must buy list coming up are:

1. bob stroller console.. what are two runners to do without one, right? sadly, i am so totally, super excited about little miss being able to sit in the stroller for a run midday (also totally excited for fall, this heat and humidity is for the birds!).

2. baby food maker. now i never thought we’d be into this but talking with our friends it seems that this might be easiest to prep some of her food when i have time off. i hear the all-in-one is the way to go? i hear make the food and put into little ice cube trays to freeze until ready to eat. which baby food prep is best? so far the buzz words are beaba baby food maker vs baby bullet. which one do you use?

3. the remaining parts of the tripp trapp . we received some of the items, but we gotta finish the big purchase. we really love that the high chair can be used for different stages (up to adults) because, well… space is VERY (i mean this word needs like fireworks around it) limited in our place and plus who can resist happy kids? it must be a good product, right? haha!

a little mister in the works

one of my bestest college friends is expecting her second and a little mister! i am having fun finding some sweet finds for her new addition. etsy has some great items for little boys especially since it seems most clothes that are super cute are geared towards the little misses.

here’s what i’m thinking are musts that i’ll send her:

mustache monthly stickers for those photo shoots mommas love to do

little mister onesie perfectioncute print peepee teepee’s to help catch some of those accidents :)

cozy bodysuit for this christmas babe

mail love!

Really excited to check the mail and receive some of our recent finds! Absolutely adore Darling Clementine Shop and had to purchase a Clementine rattle for our Clementine. Ha! It looks like we have some room to grow into the rattle little miss.

And for momma, retro inspired glasses from Bonlook! I’m one of those people who always bought a cheap pair that I didn’t really love so I’m excited/nervous to finally have a nice pair. But I absolutely love them and they were too reasonable to resist buying a pair! Plus their website has such nice products, it’s hard picking just one pair (need some eyeglasses please husband!).




finds and thrifting. a favorite.

c and i went to some of the boutiques and shops in old towne after a very long and exhausting day (half day at day care = little miss went on hunger strike, ah gee). been wanting to go into pretty people vintage for quite some time and so glad i did. the owner is sweet and warm,  and her shop has some really great items. i was such a tired momma that when we chatted, it was pretty challenging to be there, present. haha!

mint top that really is so lovely and caught my eye. husband loves it too and thought it was a great find as well. bless him.

bought these hair clips for c at thrift/consignment. and when did i become that momma that my kid always has hair accessories? because it’s awesome. that’s why. haha.

is it too early for a christmas list?

just wondering if it’s too early to start a christmas list? because there are some sweet finds that i’m loving right now.

for little miss


upcycled Etsy dress 

flea market Etsy find

for momma:

perhaps this H&M top would have saved me from dc’s heat this weekend?collar dress from Zarafor house:

our kitchen table is from miss pixies and we LOVE it. we bought benches for seating but now kind of wishing we had mixed it up with some mid century chairs.



pretty please santa?

yards park and food trucks

we are really loving dc’s newest parks that are popping up.

we visited yards park.. it is amazing! river walkway, fountains for little chicks, lounge chairs. a little piece of paradise in the city.


C snuck some cuddles with her uncle. kind of melts my heart. BIG time. also got in a bite from food trucks on M St.


we’re kind of really loving having uncle so close. as in kind of making this a weekly outing. doesn’t he look so handsome in his work outfit?