gobble, gobble, go!

we did our first family race to kick start the thanksgiving holiday! im sure those that know us are not surprised that we did a running race on thanksgiving. it was a really sweet race where dogs and babies were welcome. we finished the race with some holiday coffee, heck yeah! spent the holiday with family and new family, fun, lots of love for little miss, and delicious food. hope you and your family had a nice holiday!






first race post-baby!

over the weekend, we geared up for our first race post-baby! we decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and visit the army 10 miler expo to get our race packets, then head over to eastern market. i really love living so close to DC and able to visit the flea market and all the homemade items for sale. the bear shirt was pretty spot on for a gift to give my brother, blast they didn’t have his size!


we also stopped by for a bite at good stuff with uncle chris, goodness do i love that place. cheeseburgers, fries, shakes. the infamous toasted marshmallow shake is heaven with a straw in it. bless you spike and your creations! luckily, we were able to sit outside as it was kind of crazy with all the veterans in town for the race on sunday.


pre-race photo. we obviously all look very awake this early in the morning! and our survival photo, we don’t look too unhappy, right?



post-race brunch and beverages with poppop and nana. and our little miss in her first high chair! time is flying way too fast for us over here.


and to close our day, papa was not feeling well (which momma clearly did not know before the race OR somebody would not have been running it!) after the race and ended up with some sort of bug. he’s still home, not feeling great but he’s got a great nurse if i must say! visiting an urgent care clinic, is NOT fun with children. the end. haha!



katie from chicago

my friend katie will forever be referred to as “katie from chicago” despite her moving up to new york this coming week. it is with a very heavy heart to say goodbye for now to such a good friend. we first became friends sitting next to each other in nursing pre-requisite courses, where it all began! since then, we’ve both graduated from school and work at the same children’s hospital. together we’ve competed in a triathlon and tons of running events downtown, gotten into plenty of shenanigans on the weekends, seen through engagements and pregnancies, and now babies. i can’t imagine not getting together for a morning run and breakfast or zoey, the pup, not freaking out with excitement when katie comes over, so for now i’ll say so long and not goodbye dear friend. and don’t tell me you’re one of those “oh we’ll keep in touch” people because lord knows i’m gonna stalk your butt if i don’t hear from you! miss you tons already.



holidays are for fun

like i’ve said before, i’ve been working so many weekends lately, it sure was such nice to have labor day off! i took full advantage of the day off starting bright and early. uncle chris met us for a morning run through rock creek park with little miss (god bless those jogging strollers because they are a sure bet way to get in a nap!).


we also brunched post-run at a city favorite of ours – open city. their menu has a great selection and really wonderful coffee.


we visited with some dear college friends. great company, good laughter, and delicious food. i mean delicious. they made a huge afternoon meal full of italian food, my stomach was so happy!


the next day, we had a morning breakfast and coffee date just husband and i at northside social (our favorite place for coffee, baked goods, and wine/beer). i think it might of been our second time away from little miss, which is kinda bad but so special because we don’t get many opportunities just us two.


and i totally caught these two reading stories. my heart is full! these two make it melt so easily. papa gets very into the stories as you can tell :)


when did we get so old?

kidding, kidding. but seriously who would of thought that getting the go ahead from our pediatrician to use the infamous Bob jogger on runs with little miss would be so exciting. i was so pumped i could of literally given a self high 5! although, if you know me well, you know that the second i get the pass to start something active, i’m already well on my way out the door! our first run was successful for one of us (momma nearly passed out after this, good lord does that make a workout even harder!).


we met up with some yoga babies for coffee at bayou and park playdates this week. living in a high rise apartment is tough to meet new moms and such, so i’m really grateful to meet up.



so glad it’s almost fall, i’m not very good with the heat and being indoors so much has been not that fun some days. who’s ready for apple picking and pumpkin spice bread? this girl for sure.