smell my feet

halloween is special, especially the first one. due to hurricane sandy, papa had to make up hours at work and unfortunately missed most of the evening, luckily i caught some great pictures just for him. we have some really wonderful neighbors who helped us so much during the storm – playdates with the babies, help taking zoey outside, and food for mike. my heart was full knowing my family was well cared for, i’m not sure i can thank them enough!

we decided we would have fun with a max (where the wild things are) and a lion for the holiday and tote them around a few houses! some of the little kids were so excited to have their first trick-or-treaters (because you know babies trick-or-treat VERY early ha!). it’s so nice to live near some houses and have a sense of community that sometimes our apartment building lacks. after trick-or-treating, we had some inside and then the adults had some delicious food and beverages to cap off the night. it was such a fun evening, can’t wait to do it again soon! next year, we will definitely be trick-or-treating in full force, family costume maybe? ha!

happy (belated) halloween!! we made the babies work hard for their candy hehe!


my sweet little max, my heart melted with her smile.


a momma and her girl :)


a lion and max.


spooky neighborhood decorations!



shakes and gorillas

shakes and gorillas. you know you wish you were there! ha! there truly is no better DC fun day than visits to shake shack and the zoo. thinking of their custard makes me drool right now, and of course their burgers and fries. i’m so glad this NYC chain came to DC (i know as if we need any more burger, shake, fry places in DC; but seriously LOVE this place). they have their holiday shake/custard specifics and i got the frankenstein one, which as a pregnant lady (last year) attempted to get several times but always there on the wrong day.


my friend’s favorite animal is the gorilla and the sheer joy on her face when we visited them was priceless. bless you friend for making me giggle while holding a certain little lady that wouldn’t let anyone else hold her ALL day (stranger danger already?!).


auntie ashley was taking care of all the kids. better watch your kids because she may steal them :)


the week is over already?

can i tell you how much i wish sweetgreen had a frequent customer card? yup, because it’s really that bad of a habit. i’m pretty sure whomever came up with the concept of healthy salads to go is pure genius and has quite a money tree going these days. we took our little family of four (including the pup) to grab some delicious food for the evening before i worked all weekend, boo!

it really humbles my little heart when i get messages at work of husband and little miss having such a good weekend. these two, well, they just make me smile. first time on the swings (yes, i may have pouted and teared up missing this moment) with papa and all smiles (still toothless!). i hate missing weekends with them, but this helps a little. hope you’re off to some fun things this weekend! we sure are – wedding on a boat (let’s hope this girl doesn’t get sea sick, ha!), exploring rock creek, and i’m guessing a visit to a brunch place in the district. CANNOT WAIT!

when did we get so old?

kidding, kidding. but seriously who would of thought that getting the go ahead from our pediatrician to use the infamous Bob jogger on runs with little miss would be so exciting. i was so pumped i could of literally given a self high 5! although, if you know me well, you know that the second i get the pass to start something active, i’m already well on my way out the door! our first run was successful for one of us (momma nearly passed out after this, good lord does that make a workout even harder!).


we met up with some yoga babies for coffee at bayou and park playdates this week. living in a high rise apartment is tough to meet new moms and such, so i’m really grateful to meet up.



so glad it’s almost fall, i’m not very good with the heat and being indoors so much has been not that fun some days. who’s ready for apple picking and pumpkin spice bread? this girl for sure.