30 days of thanksgiving

on instagram ive been participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving. it’s basically posting pictures and notes of what your thankful for and reflecting on good things as the holiday season starts. you can find me on the side link for instagram but i thought id share this picture. it was taken last fall after a nice hike down near blacksburg at a local favorite. i haven’t seen husband without a beard in almost a year and we look so young (and maybe less tired too haha!)! it’s such a sweet picture and so fun to see how much has changed. im so thankful husband and i share a love for the outdoors and that we’ve made such great memories exploring together (and for what i hope is exploring to come with our little miss too). what are you thankful for?



shakes and gorillas

shakes and gorillas. you know you wish you were there! ha! there truly is no better DC fun day than visits to shake shack and the zoo. thinking of their custard makes me drool right now, and of course their burgers and fries. i’m so glad this NYC chain came to DC (i know as if we need any more burger, shake, fry places in DC; but seriously LOVE this place). they have their holiday shake/custard specifics and i got the frankenstein one, which as a pregnant lady (last year) attempted to get several times but always there on the wrong day.


my friend’s favorite animal is the gorilla and the sheer joy on her face when we visited them was priceless. bless you friend for making me giggle while holding a certain little lady that wouldn’t let anyone else hold her ALL day (stranger danger already?!).


auntie ashley was taking care of all the kids. better watch your kids because she may steal them :)


first race post-baby!

over the weekend, we geared up for our first race post-baby! we decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and visit the army 10 miler expo to get our race packets, then head over to eastern market. i really love living so close to DC and able to visit the flea market and all the homemade items for sale. the bear shirt was pretty spot on for a gift to give my brother, blast they didn’t have his size!


we also stopped by for a bite at good stuff with uncle chris, goodness do i love that place. cheeseburgers, fries, shakes. the infamous toasted marshmallow shake is heaven with a straw in it. bless you spike and your creations! luckily, we were able to sit outside as it was kind of crazy with all the veterans in town for the race on sunday.


pre-race photo. we obviously all look very awake this early in the morning! and our survival photo, we don’t look too unhappy, right?



post-race brunch and beverages with poppop and nana. and our little miss in her first high chair! time is flying way too fast for us over here.


and to close our day, papa was not feeling well (which momma clearly did not know before the race OR somebody would not have been running it!) after the race and ended up with some sort of bug. he’s still home, not feeling great but he’s got a great nurse if i must say! visiting an urgent care clinic, is NOT fun with children. the end. haha!



annual apple picking of course!

we went on an annual apple picking adventure! poor papa had to stay home with work, but nana and poppop went. this orchard is one of our favorites with its no frills set up and full of apples, pumpkins, hayrides, and petting zoo (little miss is still trying to figure out what goats are hehe). i kind of was so incredibly excited to take little miss for the first time, she seemed to really enjoy it. can’t wait till next year when momma or papa will be running after her little legs! note: the picture with her big old tongue sticking out, she’s discovered that the wind feels super interesting on her tongue, hilarious! babies really are too funny.








in the city

really loving these morning jogs along the potomac river with little miss in tow. i’m pretty sure there’s nothing better than a morning like this:20120927-142003.jpg20120927-142152.jpg
as much as we are SO over our tiny tiny apartment, it sure is worth it sometimes when right out your doorstep is all the trails along the GW parkway and throughout DC. sometimes i need to remind myself of that while we squeeze a dog, baby, and us into a one bedroom place. haha! we sure do love being in each other’s personal space :) (kidding)

Water baby!


i grew up swimming like a fish every summer and i really hope little miss loves the water as much as i did. i had many summers down at my poppop’s beach house swimming in the ocean and pool – even a holiday swim at christmas!

we try to get her out in the water and get comfortable as much as possible. so far she has enjoyed the pool and absolutely loves her bath time (our bathroom is covered in water after every bath – she loves kicking those chubby baby legs around)! we went to the splash park with my friend’s newphew the other day and it was the nicest DC summer day – limited humidity is always something to brag about around these parts. the splash park is free through the county in virginia because a mom had a child with special needs and i believe there was an accident involving drowning, so they established this park with water spouts and activities to let the kids run around in and enjoy the water safely. really great cause and enjoyed by so many – goodness knows it was packed and we had to wait in line to enter. little miss was the youngest babe there but she had a great little time and kept kicking her feed around in the water. love my little water baby!




thank you nana for my swimsuit and auntie ashlee for my hat, it’s adorable and fits my chubby body and peanut head perfectly!





my precious time off

finally after two exhausting and trying days at work, momma’s grinning ear to ear to see this sweet face on my day off. it’s pretty tough to take care of other babies, when all you want is to care for yours. it’s a work in progress, i guess.

good morning sunshine! happiest babe ever.

we walked our pup, zoey, and nana came along too. we went to iwo jima memorial near our place. they had a huge group of WW2 veterans from an honor flight, which my understanding is they pay for a flight to DC and the memorials for our veterans. the sweetest WW2 veteran came up to us and wanted to pet Zoey. then his eyes lit up when he saw me with the stroller and said can i take a peak at the baby? i said sure! he gasped and started talking to clementine and telling us about his great-granddaughter. he thought little miss was pretty dang cute, of course i agreed (i’m not too biased, i swear) then he went on about his time in the war and that he ended up working on the railroads afterwards. it was such a sweet moment, i wish i had gotten it on film. this gentleman truly is from the greatest generation and reminds me so much of my popop. such a warm, down to earth man and full of so much history.

we finished the day with cuddles with this big girl as papa had to stay late at work. can’t get enough of her rolls haha. we’re teething and our hands are so d-elicious.. nom nom.




Bunny weekend

We had a super nice holiday weekend – finished up some items for the nursery, husband got some outdoor runs and I did lots of yoga. No weekend is complete without sweets. Favorite part of the weekend – visiting the lovely baked and wired and a walk with the pup. Hope you had a great holiday!