embracing chaos

some of my favorite times of day are mornings when i sneak a few minutes to myself with a nice cup of french press coffee. those moments when i am able to do nothing because life is pretty chaotic (in a good way) these days and a momma’s gotta learn how to roll with the punches on this chaos train.


with little miss. can you believe how fast time flies? i mean this kid was a peanut, like yesterday! (and no those are not real bumpers, they’re breathable!)


we are at the stage of wanting to be a part of everything, watching Zoey (the pup), turning our head all around, watching you from across the room.. she already looks like such a grown up lady (to her momma at least).. and loving our bumbo (thanks for the play tray nana!)


what these pictures don’t show is now a stressed-out, unable to sleep, slightly freaking out momma. our nanny had an accident and is having her surgery so she’s unable to care for little miss. i really hope she has a speedy recovery!

in the meantime, what in the world are we gonna do?! i could not sleep last night, we’re trying to figure out a lot of things right now. luckily, nana is gonna be able to watch little miss the next two weeks and after that.. well we will just have to see. i’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but i’m not exactly sure what that reason is yet.. i’m hoping that means good things are to come in the future, positive thinking right? in the meantime, will you remind me to take a deep breathe.. i suppose this is just another penny to add to the chaos jar :)