kangaroo care

i’ve been studying lactation for quite some time now in preparation for the exam and came across this sweet video on kangaroo care in malawi. we support kangaroo care at work, but to see it in a place with limited resources (i.e. no incubators) and using the mother as the heat source is truly amazing. it is so precious and amazing what the human body can do!


that’s a little lady right there!


our little lady turned 7 months this past week! i swear the first picture she looks like such a big girl there, goodness not ready for that. and the second… well… baby girl this is just the beginning, stage mom forever!

dear sweet clementine,

this month was quite a busy one! each day we see more and more of your sassy personality come out and it’s so fun to see. this month, you’ve matured into quite the eater still and are slowly but surely becoming interested in food beyond your delicious purees. you’ve started sitting up without any help and are playing on the ground. you sure do love your pup so much and constantly reach out for her to play with. we’ve started having you hand zoey cookies because you love to pet her so much and sometimes she’s not too interested, that is unless you have a cookie ;) although you tried eating the cookie this morning, ha! your babbling continues and has quite the high octaves lately..you love to be involved in every conversation (must of taken after papa there! ha!). you are starting to do some backward worm crawling but have not mastered the crawling yet (bless you because we haven’t baby proofed the best yet!). we love you so much sweet girl, and thanks for hanging in there while momma took your pictures!




fingers and toes crossed

there are some good things that have been happening lately! as many know, ive really been having a tough time with this full time work, days off momma solo, studying for lactation exam (part two), running of course, somewhere sleep, and part super hero. im beyond beat. but don’t get me wrong, i love what i do! those babies, mommas, and lactation education make me happy. however, the opportunity to work part time has been something ive been wanting, begging, crying, praying for…you name it and ive done it. there may be some light in the tunnel though because they released two part time positions and i am so hopeful. it’s not worked out in the past yet (applied for a few now ha!) but every time im hopeful and even more this time. ive always been an optimist and at this point all i have is hope (well and my fingers and toes crossed ha!). so maybe this year, all ill ask santa for is this position… to stay home more with my little lady, maybe a little more sleep (sleep is always a good thing, i miss it!), and time for some more fun (been dying to break out this new sewing machine!!). positive thoughts and some toe crossing for me guys!!


6 months to a little lady

happy (belated) 6 months to our favorite girl! i know we say this every month, but where does the time go? before long, we’ll be filling out applications for dance class and preschool. now we know how our parents feel :)

dear clementine,

we had quite an eventful month little miss! you’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and are full of sass and spunk. you continue to love every type of food we offer you and get angry when we are either not feeding you fast enough or have decided you’ve had enough. we have a very good eater on our hands!

you continue to love your dinosaur sounds and roaring like a lion, mostly at random strangers ha! you babble and papa swears you say “momma,” of course i’m perfectly fine with that baby girl. your smiles melt our hearts and you giggle like a big girl all the time, it’s safe to say you are a very happy baby and we are so lucky to be your parents.

you are a rolling-phene! you roll and roll like a wiggle worm all over the place and we have to keep a sharp eye on you at all times. you’ve started doing push-ups (i’m pretty sure we should take after you on physical fitness lessons!) and backward worm crawls (hello early 90’s!). we are pretty sure it’s only a matter of time till you get the crawling down, which means papa and i really need to get on the baby-proofing immediately, yikes! you are also are starting to sit unassisted, but still topples quite a bit. so much change!

uncle chris, aunt kelly, nana and poppop have babysat you some and you are such a ham with them. you’re starting to recognize people and have less stranger danger with family. seeing you with uncle chris melts our hearts, you love giving him slobbery open mouth kisses (we will need to work on that ha!). we love you little lady and cannot wait to see you continue to grow up!





smell my feet

halloween is special, especially the first one. due to hurricane sandy, papa had to make up hours at work and unfortunately missed most of the evening, luckily i caught some great pictures just for him. we have some really wonderful neighbors who helped us so much during the storm – playdates with the babies, help taking zoey outside, and food for mike. my heart was full knowing my family was well cared for, i’m not sure i can thank them enough!

we decided we would have fun with a max (where the wild things are) and a lion for the holiday and tote them around a few houses! some of the little kids were so excited to have their first trick-or-treaters (because you know babies trick-or-treat VERY early ha!). it’s so nice to live near some houses and have a sense of community that sometimes our apartment building lacks. after trick-or-treating, we had some inside and then the adults had some delicious food and beverages to cap off the night. it was such a fun evening, can’t wait to do it again soon! next year, we will definitely be trick-or-treating in full force, family costume maybe? ha!

happy (belated) halloween!! we made the babies work hard for their candy hehe!


my sweet little max, my heart melted with her smile.


a momma and her girl :)


a lion and max.


spooky neighborhood decorations!


favorite holiday!


i’m pretty much love to celebrate almost any holiday, but especially halloween. i love all the little ones in their costumes, delicious candy, and the beginning a very fun holiday season! we luckily got out for a community halloween party over the weekend with costume parade, petting zoo, and shows. we had such a fun afternoon, it was kind of funny to reflect on how different but exciting life is just one year later ha! our little one is max from where the wild things are. here is  a preview of our sweet girl!





it’s official

it is officially declared a weather emergency. looks like this momma will be staying with the nicu babies at the hospital, for how long who knows at this point. praying that all my friends, family, and beyond are safe. hoping i hear from husband with some pictures and love notes because my little heart is having such a hard time with this. i know it’s for the best and for safety, but as a momma you can’t help but want to be with your little ones. hug your little ones and family a bit more, and i’ll hug and love my patients a bit more today too.



momma ochse

hurricane sandy in the city

the east coast is preparing for hurricane sandy and she should make her debut any hour now. husband is preparing for the hurricane at home with the little ones. he apparently is well prepared for the natural disaster if it affects the inside of our apartment and he can quickly go somewhere on foot! ha!


husband and little miss also went out to get some ice before the brunt of the storm visits us. he was not sure how to best make her waterproof and sent me this as the best he could find. where is our little one? haha! i couldn’t help but cry laughing at this picture and it was a much needed photo as i’m most likely stuck at work for an unknown amount of time. i’m trying to stay positive and pray that my family and everyone is safe, but i sure do wish i was home with my family. say some extra positive thoughts for this momma because i sure am having a hard time! especially since i’ve been working the past 4 out of 5 days and this was supposed to be my day to go home!


shakes and gorillas

shakes and gorillas. you know you wish you were there! ha! there truly is no better DC fun day than visits to shake shack and the zoo. thinking of their custard makes me drool right now, and of course their burgers and fries. i’m so glad this NYC chain came to DC (i know as if we need any more burger, shake, fry places in DC; but seriously LOVE this place). they have their holiday shake/custard specifics and i got the frankenstein one, which as a pregnant lady (last year) attempted to get several times but always there on the wrong day.


my friend’s favorite animal is the gorilla and the sheer joy on her face when we visited them was priceless. bless you friend for making me giggle while holding a certain little lady that wouldn’t let anyone else hold her ALL day (stranger danger already?!).


auntie ashley was taking care of all the kids. better watch your kids because she may steal them :)