30 days of thanksgiving

on instagram ive been participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving. it’s basically posting pictures and notes of what your thankful for and reflecting on good things as the holiday season starts. you can find me on the side link for instagram but i thought id share this picture. it was taken last fall after a nice hike down near blacksburg at a local favorite. i haven’t seen husband without a beard in almost a year and we look so young (and maybe less tired too haha!)! it’s such a sweet picture and so fun to see how much has changed. im so thankful husband and i share a love for the outdoors and that we’ve made such great memories exploring together (and for what i hope is exploring to come with our little miss too). what are you thankful for?



new family member!

no not any more babies, yet… our newest member is a new sister to mike and i, and a new ¬†auntie for clementine! my little brother proposed to his long time girlfriend over the weekend. atop a mountain no less. the girl had to work for it of course! haha!

i was dying to get the official phone call over the weekend, i kept asking everyone “why haven’t we gotten the call yet, i’m dying!!!” we are so thrilled for them and cannot wait to see this beautiful couple walk down the aisle. i’m incredibly close to my brothers, so it is especially exciting to have seen the beautiful rock and hear his nervousness before he proposed. it made my heart melt.

i always wanted a sister and it’s so exciting to finally have one! i may have already purchased some etsy love to celebrate their engagement, i couldn’t help myself! xoxo

after the big moment!


marriage is a beautiful thing. i look forward to seeing their relationship grow over the years. they are gonna make beautiful babies too tehe! xoxo


katie from chicago

my friend katie will forever be referred to as “katie from chicago” despite her moving up to new york this coming week. it is with a very heavy heart to say goodbye for now to such a good friend. we first became friends sitting next to each other in nursing pre-requisite courses, where it all began! since then, we’ve both graduated from school and work at the same children’s hospital. together we’ve competed in a triathlon and tons of running events downtown, gotten into plenty of shenanigans on the weekends, seen through engagements and pregnancies, and now babies. i can’t imagine not getting together for a morning run and breakfast or zoey, the pup, not freaking out with excitement when katie comes over, so for now i’ll say so long and not goodbye dear friend. and don’t tell me you’re one of those “oh we’ll keep in touch” people because lord knows i’m gonna stalk your butt if i don’t hear from you! miss you tons already.



in the city

really loving these morning jogs along the potomac river with little miss in tow. i’m pretty sure there’s nothing better than a morning like this:20120927-142003.jpg20120927-142152.jpg
as much as we are SO over our tiny tiny apartment, it sure is worth it sometimes when right out your doorstep is all the trails along the GW parkway and throughout DC. sometimes i need to remind myself of that while we squeeze a dog, baby, and us into a one bedroom place. haha! we sure do love being in each other’s personal space :) (kidding)

the week is over already?

can i tell you how much i wish sweetgreen had a frequent customer card? yup, because it’s really that bad of a habit. i’m pretty sure whomever came up with the concept of healthy salads to go is pure genius and has quite a money tree going these days. we took our little family of four (including the pup) to grab some delicious food for the evening before i worked all weekend, boo!

it really humbles my little heart when i get messages at work of husband and little miss having such a good weekend. these two, well, they just make me smile. first time on the swings (yes, i may have pouted and teared up missing this moment) with papa and all smiles (still toothless!). i hate missing weekends with them, but this helps a little. hope you’re off to some fun things this weekend! we sure are – wedding on a boat (let’s hope this girl doesn’t get sea sick, ha!), exploring rock creek, and i’m guessing a visit to a brunch place in the district. CANNOT WAIT!

babies and gnomes.

two words that should always be in a sentence together: babies and gnomes. when pondering loads of ridiculous ideas for a baby halloween costume, i think we may have a winner. meet the older version of clementine dressed as a gnome, haha! how fantastic is this costume?! as husband knows, halloween is one of my favorite holidays and i usually try to convince zoey, the pup, that wearing a costume is fun but this year i will whole heartily convince little miss that it is a fantastic idea to be a baby gnome! i’m planning to change up some of the costume and sew it myself, so it’ll be a bit different but the overall idea is there. i guess the first few nice days in DC, have me convinced fall is near!

kind of amazing, right?




holidays are for fun

like i’ve said before, i’ve been working so many weekends lately, it sure was such nice to have labor day off! i took full advantage of the day off starting bright and early. uncle chris met us for a morning run through rock creek park with little miss (god bless those jogging strollers because they are a sure bet way to get in a nap!).


we also brunched post-run at a city favorite of ours – open city. their menu has a great selection and really wonderful coffee.


we visited with some dear college friends. great company, good laughter, and delicious food. i mean delicious. they made a huge afternoon meal full of italian food, my stomach was so happy!


the next day, we had a morning breakfast and coffee date just husband and i at northside social (our favorite place for coffee, baked goods, and wine/beer). i think it might of been our second time away from little miss, which is kinda bad but so special because we don’t get many opportunities just us two.


and i totally caught these two reading stories. my heart is full! these two make it melt so easily. papa gets very into the stories as you can tell :)


{just for momma}

i so wanted to be able to post more frequently about outfits for momma, but epic fail! lately we had unexpected changes in our daycare plans and to fill in the gaps i have been working a million weekends with the nicu babies. this means i haven’t seen my little family together in quite a few weeks (tears. lots of them!) and so every time that i gotten out of those beloved yoga pants, i never see husband and no one would believe me that i was wearing a big girl outfit! so i decided, maybe i’ll have some shameless self portraits? i mean little miss approved, i swear she let out a giggle when i snapped these. sometimes just getting out of those yoga pants calls for a little celebration, right?

really loving the clothes at h&m lately. love the “boyfriend” look in their tops and some fun vintage flair now. i’ll forever be in love my OP glasses with the clear frames, i might need a pair from bonlook soon though ;)