{just for momma}

i so wanted to be able to post more frequently about outfits for momma, but epic fail! lately we had unexpected changes in our daycare plans and to fill in the gaps i have been working a million weekends with the nicu babies. this means i haven’t seen my little family together in quite a few weeks (tears. lots of them!) and so every time that i gotten out of those beloved yoga pants, i never see husband and no one would believe me that i was wearing a big girl outfit! so i decided, maybe i’ll have some shameless self portraits? i mean little miss approved, i swear she let out a giggle when i snapped these. sometimes just getting out of those yoga pants calls for a little celebration, right?

really loving the clothes at h&m lately. love the “boyfriend” look in their tops and some fun vintage flair now. i’ll forever be in love my OP glasses with the clear frames, i might need a pair from bonlook soon though ;)


pretty please

i may have fell in love with these items today… pretty please?!

this dress and top from lalamagic is incredible. it certainly was love at first . i love things that are not super form fitting, have really fun colors, and good outfit material (by trade, i’m a nurse; so creativity may sometimes be a work in progress). so pretty much everything in this store i may need to have :)

i was reading a beautiful mess on print ideas and this might be the most perfect addition to our place. even if it’s just family visiting, i always feel the need to clean and have the place looking somewhat decent (it’s always that lovely guilt-torture silliness i put on myself that turns into a cleaning fiasco prior to their arrival).. so i feel like this poster would be perfect right as you walk in the door, then maybe that way there would be no confusion as to “condition” you’re entering and i could go easier on myself. haha!

you know once you find something you love on etsy, you just end up finding 500 million other things! i’ve been learning to give myself a time limit because you can totally get lost in all their beautiful homemade items, vintage and thrifted goods, and who knows what else. like this (you know that pillow speaks to you).

i really love this tiny little ring. i’m not a big jewelry person, but i could totally wear this every day. simple, yet classic, and pretty much says it all.

thrifting finds


many times when going thrifting, you may come home empty handed. goodness knows i have come home with a sad face sometimes! however, practically half of little miss’ nursery is thrifted, vintage, and/or refurbished; which took me about all of the 9 months of baking in my belly to find items i was looking for but it was so much fun! i was super excited this week to find a few things from the local stores in Del Rey (Alexandria-ish area) this week.

vintage rocky mountain national park poster featuring longs peak. we absolutely love colorado and have visited the area that this poster features. i had bought it with the intention of it being a holiday present for one of my family members, but i’m not sure husband will let it go! he loves it too much. i guess that’s why they’re such great finds, right? one-of-a-kinds are hard to come by, but let’s hope i can convince him to play nice :)


hello childhood! i about died when i saw these books. don’t these take you right back to stories and cuddles at bedtime with your momma and papa? these are the perfect addition to little miss’ book collection. i hope she enjoys them as much as i did growing up!


now what i really hope to find is a few clothing items for momma and little miss soon, but we shall see…you never know what you’ll find!





The Words.

remember these pictures? this is back on our babymoon in park city where i was about 6-7 months pregnant with little miss. this last picture does not lie, there i am snowshoeing. i mean why would i ever sit to relax when i can be outdoors on my vacations even while carrying a baby?

we had tons of fun in park city because it was also during sundance! i had never been and we were excited to go. we waited for the premiere opening of bradley cooper’s new film, “the words” for like 2+ hours (i think) and missed getting in by 2 people!! people weren’t really feeling the please let the pregnant go see the film so we missed it but i’m so excited its finally coming to theaters in september (i think this might have to be a momma and papa date!).

and like most sundance films, i’m sure it’ll be dark and end abruptly with no closure :)

three month birthday!

little miss clementine turned three months old. we can’t believe how fast time is flying, she already is turning into such a big girl (please baby don’t grow too fast for your momma!).

to my sweet little lady,

momma and papa think you might be about 13 lbs so far, what a change from your 7 lbs at birth. you’ve started teething, but we can’t see any full pearly whites yet. you started day care this week and your nanny is really nice to you, but momma misses you so dearly it’s been really tough. i never thought i’d be one to really wish to stay home more, but your momma likes being a momma and playing with you all day.

you’ve really started giggling with a shrieking type scream to it, but we still think it’s pretty cute. and don’t get us started on your sweet gummy smile that is infectious.

and bless you little one for sleeping through the night, i believe this must be some sort of magic and every night i’m still so shocked you did it. what a big girl! you’ve started rolling on your side, which freaks us out a little because before we know it you’ll be running everywhere! and you mess an outfit a day, seriously girl.. keep it in the drawers (you obviously take after papa on that one!).

and most precious is your discovery that your hands (which is your number one pacifier) are indeed connected to your body. and you’ve started to notice those piggly thing on your feet might be fun too. i’m sure the toes will be just as delicious. nom! nom!

we love you sweet girl, and you continue to melt our hearts. your papa is so smitten he’s started writing you letters and was teary eyed about how much he loved you last night. made momma so happy and teary eyed too.


momma xoxo.




{just for momma}

getting ready to return for work, i ended up having a little too much to get done on my to-do list. so here’s part of our outing in eastern market on saturday. it was a beautiful, cool summer morning. i was really excited about being comfortable and cozy in a long dress and sweater, and also with a baby strapped to me. it was pretty spectacular. we love going to the market over the weekends to see the vendors, crafts, flea market, and sweet shops.

{just for momma}

this weekend, we met friends near the zoo for the day and walked for a bit. can i tell you how lovely summer is without humidity? and how amazing getting out and about is with my little family? so glad we got to enjoy some of sweet summer together.

clearly, one of my closest friends in my closet is urban outfitters

can’t get enough of my new sunglasses from bonlook. so in love!

new series: {just for momma}

i see lots of ideas from blogs on what to wear during pregnancy (which i love love), but as i have this new body and am working to get some of my old body back.. i wonder what about ideas to wear post-baby? especially things to make women feel beautiful. inside and out.

as a new mom – we may be working through emotions, changes, sleep loss, figuring out your baby, and making time for your partner. it’d be refreshing as a new mom, to start focusing on the momma a little and getting back to pre-baby self (although i’m not sure i remember much before little miss, it’s all a blur and not nearly as spectacular. let’s face it – those babies kinda make the world more amazing.). so…

i wanted to start a new series: {just for momma} with some pics from out and about in an outfit that brings a skip to my step and makes me smile.