a little place I’d like to call…



no we are not moving into this house, although i sure can dream that we would (pretty please!). been spending more time on blogger for a good bit now and kinda finding it works better for us and is maybe a tad easier for this family-on-the-go. so with that, we have found our internet home and it’s not the least bit different, just added an “s.” haha! we welcome you into our home and sure do hope you’ll stay friends!


30 days of thanksgiving

on instagram ive been participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving. it’s basically posting pictures and notes of what your thankful for and reflecting on good things as the holiday season starts. you can find me on the side link for instagram but i thought id share this picture. it was taken last fall after a nice hike down near blacksburg at a local favorite. i haven’t seen husband without a beard in almost a year and we look so young (and maybe less tired too haha!)! it’s such a sweet picture and so fun to see how much has changed. im so thankful husband and i share a love for the outdoors and that we’ve made such great memories exploring together (and for what i hope is exploring to come with our little miss too). what are you thankful for?


let’s hold hands

after a long intense period of ads from every corner of media (tv, phones, email,… you name it), it was determined last night who our next president will be come january. even if you didn’t vote for him, i hope that we as a nation can rally together for a brighter future. maybe i’m an optimist, but i hope and pray that the united states our daughter lives in becomes a better country each day. and that despite our differing political views, that we can hold hands together and work towards a common goal.

6 months to a little lady

happy (belated) 6 months to our favorite girl! i know we say this every month, but where does the time go? before long, we’ll be filling out applications for dance class and preschool. now we know how our parents feel :)

dear clementine,

we had quite an eventful month little miss! you’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and are full of sass and spunk. you continue to love every type of food we offer you and get angry when we are either not feeding you fast enough or have decided you’ve had enough. we have a very good eater on our hands!

you continue to love your dinosaur sounds and roaring like a lion, mostly at random strangers ha! you babble and papa swears you say “momma,” of course i’m perfectly fine with that baby girl. your smiles melt our hearts and you giggle like a big girl all the time, it’s safe to say you are a very happy baby and we are so lucky to be your parents.

you are a rolling-phene! you roll and roll like a wiggle worm all over the place and we have to keep a sharp eye on you at all times. you’ve started doing push-ups (i’m pretty sure we should take after you on physical fitness lessons!) and backward worm crawls (hello early 90’s!). we are pretty sure it’s only a matter of time till you get the crawling down, which means papa and i really need to get on the baby-proofing immediately, yikes! you are also are starting to sit unassisted, but still topples quite a bit. so much change!

uncle chris, aunt kelly, nana and poppop have babysat you some and you are such a ham with them. you’re starting to recognize people and have less stranger danger with family. seeing you with uncle chris melts our hearts, you love giving him slobbery open mouth kisses (we will need to work on that ha!). we love you little lady and cannot wait to see you continue to grow up!





favorite holiday!


i’m pretty much love to celebrate almost any holiday, but especially halloween. i love all the little ones in their costumes, delicious candy, and the beginning a very fun holiday season! we luckily got out for a community halloween party over the weekend with costume parade, petting zoo, and shows. we had such a fun afternoon, it was kind of funny to reflect on how different but exciting life is just one year later ha! our little one is max from where the wild things are. here is  a preview of our sweet girl!





it’s official

it is officially declared a weather emergency. looks like this momma will be staying with the nicu babies at the hospital, for how long who knows at this point. praying that all my friends, family, and beyond are safe. hoping i hear from husband with some pictures and love notes because my little heart is having such a hard time with this. i know it’s for the best and for safety, but as a momma you can’t help but want to be with your little ones. hug your little ones and family a bit more, and i’ll hug and love my patients a bit more today too.



momma ochse

hurricane sandy in the city

the east coast is preparing for hurricane sandy and she should make her debut any hour now. husband is preparing for the hurricane at home with the little ones. he apparently is well prepared for the natural disaster if it affects the inside of our apartment and he can quickly go somewhere on foot! ha!


husband and little miss also went out to get some ice before the brunt of the storm visits us. he was not sure how to best make her waterproof and sent me this as the best he could find. where is our little one? haha! i couldn’t help but cry laughing at this picture and it was a much needed photo as i’m most likely stuck at work for an unknown amount of time. i’m trying to stay positive and pray that my family and everyone is safe, but i sure do wish i was home with my family. say some extra positive thoughts for this momma because i sure am having a hard time! especially since i’ve been working the past 4 out of 5 days and this was supposed to be my day to go home!


dear santa!

i’m so ready for the season of stocking up for the holidays. i have always enjoyed a good DIY, thrifting, etsy fun previously but this year with a new little one, work, house, and studying for lactation courses (did i tell you? as a bedside nurse, i’m afraid i’ll miss way too many weekend fun things and holidays with my family and i’m not sure my little heart can take it.) it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze to get it all in with the holidays and present prepping. so with that said, i suppose i will need to start now with ideas.

some things i’m thinking for little miss: a sweet little walker for her, some pretty little bows for that bald, beautiful head; and some vintage blocks.

for my main squeeze: zulilly had this great sale with college campus architectural blue prints, but blast i missed it. when you see this you think of my man and oh boy am i purchasing it. was also thinking of this sweater, i mean the guy would be so handsome in it, right?

and last but certainly no least, the pup: some delicious treats and tennis balls. the dog would be happy with a box of toilet paper, but i figure let’s go a little crazy for our first child. ha!

it’s been real quiet..

we have been real quiet on this little family blog.. had a no good cold run through the house, working a bunch of weekends (no family fun, boo!), and just all around exhausted. the good news is we are looking up and up, feeling better, and ready to enjoy some cold days soon!

look at this little number that papa dressed little miss in ready for a fun day of daycare. i mean, could i die a little more inside?! and don’t get me started on the boots…. good lord those are amazing (thank you ashlee for the donation!). good work husband!


tid bits of the weekend

again, i feel like i should say is it really almost the weekend because somehow these weeks are flying by for us (at least in this household). tid bits of this past weekend: family trail run in rock creek, post-run brunch at open city (have you noticed our frequency of visits lately? for some reason, their food + coffee, you just can’t go wrong! well also conveniently located at our running end spot), wedding on the river (yay! nobody got sea sick :) and a really special night out sans baby), thrifting and visits to del ray (also good coffee found). hope you’re kicking off the weekend right!