a little place I’d like to call…



no we are not moving into this house, although i sure can dream that we would (pretty please!). been spending more time on blogger for a good bit now and kinda finding it works better for us and is maybe a tad easier for this family-on-the-go. so with that, we have found our internet home and it’s not the least bit different, just added an “s.” haha! we welcome you into our home and sure do hope you’ll stay friends!


holistic remedies for babies? help!

this bathing beauty is on the outs lately with horrible deep chest congestion (this is not a picture of the past few days, trust me.. lots of snot involved haha). the nicu nurse in me is very fearful that it is RSV, read here if you’re not familiar. RSV is not nice and can be pretty wicked. i see a lot of flu/virus/cold/awfulness at work and especially this time of year. her cold has not gotten worse, but it also has not gotten better. i’m looking for some ideas on holistic remedies recommended for infants? any momma’s have some tricks of the trade they’d like to share? i’ve heard clove and eucalyptus oil with a vaporizer can help and you know i’m doing steam showers, vaporizers, and chest physical therapy like it’s my job (again the nicu nurse in me ha!). i hope my little lady feels better soon because it sure does break my little heart to not be with her every day when she doesn’t feel well.


happy holidays from us!

really loved our picture this year, even though zoey (the pup) would rather search for possums outside than participate! zoey did make the card of course. ha! found some really sweet and reasonable designs on shutterfly. here is a sneak peak of the holiday card for this year, coming to a mailbox near you :)

Stationery card
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DIY holiday commences!

there’s nothing i love more than an afternoon of DIY bliss with a good lady friend. we started the pure chaos sometimes but also fun of DIY projects for the holidays coming up. i found a great idea to make your own coasters as gifts for the holidays.

i bought the white tiles at home depot (self high fives for going to home depot alone and with a baby!) and the scrapbook paper, mod podge, and acrylic spray at the craft store. below is before and after. can’t wait to prep these babies for some family holiday gifts!



gobble, gobble, go!

we did our first family race to kick start the thanksgiving holiday! im sure those that know us are not surprised that we did a running race on thanksgiving. it was a really sweet race where dogs and babies were welcome. we finished the race with some holiday coffee, heck yeah! spent the holiday with family and new family, fun, lots of love for little miss, and delicious food. hope you and your family had a nice holiday!





happy thanksgiving!

so thankful for my little sleeping beauties. my little family makes my heart so full and i am so thankful for them.

thankful..for our cozy house. for evenings with takeout and a movie in bed. for nighttime craziness and lots of splashes in the tub. for runs together (of course we signed up for a race today ha!). for helping each other out. for love because there is so much of it in this cozy place. for giggles and big belly laughs. for cuddles. for it all. i am thankful and so lucky.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


for all the veterans!!

a very happy veterans day to all those that are serving and/or have served! we are so appreciative to all that you do and help keep our country safe! i cannot fathom a country where we did not have your support and hats off to you on your special holiday. also, a very happy veterans day to my dad and c’s poppop! he served in the navy and was a pilot. i am so proud to call him my dad (even if he doesn’t like smiling in pictures haha!). we look up to him in our family for all that he has accomplished and wish him a wonderful holiday!



let’s hold hands

after a long intense period of ads from every corner of media (tv, phones, email,… you name it), it was determined last night who our next president will be come january. even if you didn’t vote for him, i hope that we as a nation can rally together for a brighter future. maybe i’m an optimist, but i hope and pray that the united states our daughter lives in becomes a better country each day. and that despite our differing political views, that we can hold hands together and work towards a common goal.

6 months to a little lady

happy (belated) 6 months to our favorite girl! i know we say this every month, but where does the time go? before long, we’ll be filling out applications for dance class and preschool. now we know how our parents feel :)

dear clementine,

we had quite an eventful month little miss! you’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and are full of sass and spunk. you continue to love every type of food we offer you and get angry when we are either not feeding you fast enough or have decided you’ve had enough. we have a very good eater on our hands!

you continue to love your dinosaur sounds and roaring like a lion, mostly at random strangers ha! you babble and papa swears you say “momma,” of course i’m perfectly fine with that baby girl. your smiles melt our hearts and you giggle like a big girl all the time, it’s safe to say you are a very happy baby and we are so lucky to be your parents.

you are a rolling-phene! you roll and roll like a wiggle worm all over the place and we have to keep a sharp eye on you at all times. you’ve started doing push-ups (i’m pretty sure we should take after you on physical fitness lessons!) and backward worm crawls (hello early 90’s!). we are pretty sure it’s only a matter of time till you get the crawling down, which means papa and i really need to get on the baby-proofing immediately, yikes! you are also are starting to sit unassisted, but still topples quite a bit. so much change!

uncle chris, aunt kelly, nana and poppop have babysat you some and you are such a ham with them. you’re starting to recognize people and have less stranger danger with family. seeing you with uncle chris melts our hearts, you love giving him slobbery open mouth kisses (we will need to work on that ha!). we love you little lady and cannot wait to see you continue to grow up!





it’s official

it is officially declared a weather emergency. looks like this momma will be staying with the nicu babies at the hospital, for how long who knows at this point. praying that all my friends, family, and beyond are safe. hoping i hear from husband with some pictures and love notes because my little heart is having such a hard time with this. i know it’s for the best and for safety, but as a momma you can’t help but want to be with your little ones. hug your little ones and family a bit more, and i’ll hug and love my patients a bit more today too.



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