paint sample garland

when shopping for tiles at home depot for the previous DIY post, i just so happened to visit the paint sample aisle (my favorite!). i snagged a few palettes that were red and green. i thought itd be cute to whip up a (crooked) christmas tree garland (but there was a lot of love put into it guys!) for our living room/kitchen area. as you know, every holiday is my favorite and decorating over thanksgiving weekend is just oh so fun! i used some red and white string i had from paper source to put the finishing touches!






DIY holiday commences!

there’s nothing i love more than an afternoon of DIY bliss with a good lady friend. we started the pure chaos sometimes but also fun of DIY projects for the holidays coming up. i found a great idea to make your own coasters as gifts for the holidays.

i bought the white tiles at home depot (self high fives for going to home depot alone and with a baby!) and the scrapbook paper, mod podge, and acrylic spray at the craft store. below is before and after. can’t wait to prep these babies for some family holiday gifts!



hip hip hooray!

today marks the beginning of my thanksgiving holiday! little miss and i are gonna visit out friend maria and ella for a fun day together.

im up bright eyed and bushy tailed with excitement because im heading out to buy some supplies for DIY holiday gifts! heck yeah! we thought we’d spend the play date having fun, making some DIY goodies, maybe watching magic mike haha! (you know our husbands won’t watch it). i have a feeling today is gonna be a good one :) hope yours is too!



DIY strikes again


you know momma loves some DIY! i’ve been trying to find some ideas for headbands for little miss because as much as i love all the headbands on etsy (i mean LOVE, so dang cute), i just can’t convince husband that $16 a piece is a good thing (especially when that bald head is gonna grow tons!). i found some really nice ideas on momtastic and attempted to recreate.

i was so proud of myself when i took this picture, but then i realized momma brain! the dang bows are facing the wrong direction! DOH!



luckily with some TLC and editing, i fixed that problem haha! here is the finished product with my little lady. she’s thinking that she may really like this headband :) haha!


DIY I think I’m in love!

Been going nutty with DIY projects over here in anticipation of daddy’s day, birthdays and frustrated that C’s head is too small for store bought headbands. Pinterest is amazing and has given me lots of ideas!


made this sweet number from blog, of course orange because C is named after a fruit haha..









the rest of the pics above are my daddy’s day project.. i mean how can you resist those chubby cheeks and furry innocent eyes? :)


DIY extravaganza!

The DIY xmas gifts and party drinks courtesy of pinterest ideas came out reallh lovely…

L to R: mocha cocoa, sundae gift kit, pomegranate love potion drink, pomegranate syrup (delicious amazingness), vintage calendar


Currently obsessed with Pinterest – which is like a huge board of creativity similar to Etsy.. I found a great holiday gift idea for Mike and holiday garland idea for our party. It was fun to get creative and find some ideas at the craft store.. and a good way to keep myself busy when you only have days off during the week and not the weekend – boo!

The best part of the DIY present is it gave me an excuse to visit my favorite vintage store Miss Pixies for some ridiculous postcards.. what doesnt say love like awkward families on postcards? :) Pinned Image

Courtesy of Design Sponge (T) & Whisker Graphics (B)