nobody tells you

nobody told me when having our little miss that some babies do NOT nap! good grief crazy baby! someone’s been up since 5 every morning and nonstop till about 3:30 pm. heaven help us!



weekender catch-up

i worked all weekend so late last week i had some time off thankfully! clementine and i were pretty lazy though – pj’s all day, naps together (oops! bad habit but momma can’t say no sometimes..), reading books, and taking walks. pretty much no chores done (thank you husband!).


so amongst the days of relaxation (sans mommyhood full time and attempting to recover from insanity at work).. i had to bring my car in to get usual fixings. i will NEVER be doing that again. lots of angry customers because little miss was screaming (we know she’s got a good set of lungs on her, now the entire car place knows too!), then fell asleep for maybe a few minutes (hence the quick camera capture), long waits, momma forgot baby supplies. oh what was i thinking?! i will be dropping the car off next time :)



uncle chris and clementine. her new thing is constantly using her tootsies, pushing her legs up, and attempting to back flip out of your arms – scary!! we have to squeeze tight onto this tart little miss.