happy thanksgiving!

so thankful for my little sleeping beauties. my little family makes my heart so full and i am so thankful for them.

thankful..for our cozy house. for evenings with takeout and a movie in bed. for nighttime craziness and lots of splashes in the tub. for runs together (of course we signed up for a race today ha!). for helping each other out. for love because there is so much of it in this cozy place. for giggles and big belly laughs. for cuddles. for it all. i am thankful and so lucky.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family!



hart + sew

i’ve been loving hart + sew for some time and they just released a holiday giveaway that one cannot resist! santa knows i’ve been a good momma this year, maybe we’re on the good list because the sweet little lady dresses on her site are to die for.. i mean seriously people how cute would clementine be in this number? gah! it’s too much cuteness!

hip hip hooray!

today marks the beginning of my thanksgiving holiday! little miss and i are gonna visit out friend maria and ella for a fun day together.

im up bright eyed and bushy tailed with excitement because im heading out to buy some supplies for DIY holiday gifts! heck yeah! we thought we’d spend the play date having fun, making some DIY goodies, maybe watching magic mike haha! (you know our husbands won’t watch it). i have a feeling today is gonna be a good one :) hope yours is too!



world prematurity day!

happy world prematurity day! im honored to care for the little ones at work and truly lucky we have the support of the march of dimes, medical teams and staff, and families. after having a premature baby myself, it makes me appreciate all that we do even more for premature babies. now let’s hug our little ones today and remember those that cannot be with us!



fingers and toes crossed

there are some good things that have been happening lately! as many know, ive really been having a tough time with this full time work, days off momma solo, studying for lactation exam (part two), running of course, somewhere sleep, and part super hero. im beyond beat. but don’t get me wrong, i love what i do! those babies, mommas, and lactation education make me happy. however, the opportunity to work part time has been something ive been wanting, begging, crying, praying for…you name it and ive done it. there may be some light in the tunnel though because they released two part time positions and i am so hopeful. it’s not worked out in the past yet (applied for a few now ha!) but every time im hopeful and even more this time. ive always been an optimist and at this point all i have is hope (well and my fingers and toes crossed ha!). so maybe this year, all ill ask santa for is this position… to stay home more with my little lady, maybe a little more sleep (sleep is always a good thing, i miss it!), and time for some more fun (been dying to break out this new sewing machine!!). positive thoughts and some toe crossing for me guys!!


for all the veterans!!

a very happy veterans day to all those that are serving and/or have served! we are so appreciative to all that you do and help keep our country safe! i cannot fathom a country where we did not have your support and hats off to you on your special holiday. also, a very happy veterans day to my dad and c’s poppop! he served in the navy and was a pilot. i am so proud to call him my dad (even if he doesn’t like smiling in pictures haha!). we look up to him in our family for all that he has accomplished and wish him a wonderful holiday!



30 days of thanksgiving

on instagram ive been participating in the 30 days of thanksgiving. it’s basically posting pictures and notes of what your thankful for and reflecting on good things as the holiday season starts. you can find me on the side link for instagram but i thought id share this picture. it was taken last fall after a nice hike down near blacksburg at a local favorite. i haven’t seen husband without a beard in almost a year and we look so young (and maybe less tired too haha!)! it’s such a sweet picture and so fun to see how much has changed. im so thankful husband and i share a love for the outdoors and that we’ve made such great memories exploring together (and for what i hope is exploring to come with our little miss too). what are you thankful for?


really? really?

these two pictures just make me laugh. i’m sure some won’t agree but maybe it’s my momma brain or long shifts at work but i can’t help giggle when i see these.

is that santa claus? or the beared lady? or just our early riser :)

i dont know where urban outfitters found this pup or costume, but it is incredible. i can imagine our pup would also be as happy dressing up for halloween. costume idea for zoey?

let’s hold hands

after a long intense period of ads from every corner of media (tv, phones, email,… you name it), it was determined last night who our next president will be come january. even if you didn’t vote for him, i hope that we as a nation can rally together for a brighter future. maybe i’m an optimist, but i hope and pray that the united states our daughter lives in becomes a better country each day. and that despite our differing political views, that we can hold hands together and work towards a common goal.