6 months to a little lady

happy (belated) 6 months to our favorite girl! i know we say this every month, but where does the time go? before long, we’ll be filling out applications for dance class and preschool. now we know how our parents feel :)

dear clementine,

we had quite an eventful month little miss! you’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and are full of sass and spunk. you continue to love every type of food we offer you and get angry when we are either not feeding you fast enough or have decided you’ve had enough. we have a very good eater on our hands!

you continue to love your dinosaur sounds and roaring like a lion, mostly at random strangers ha! you babble and papa swears you say “momma,” of course i’m perfectly fine with that baby girl. your smiles melt our hearts and you giggle like a big girl all the time, it’s safe to say you are a very happy baby and we are so lucky to be your parents.

you are a rolling-phene! you roll and roll like a wiggle worm all over the place and we have to keep a sharp eye on you at all times. you’ve started doing push-ups (i’m pretty sure we should take after you on physical fitness lessons!) and backward worm crawls (hello early 90’s!). we are pretty sure it’s only a matter of time till you get the crawling down, which means papa and i really need to get on the baby-proofing immediately, yikes! you are also are starting to sit unassisted, but still topples quite a bit. so much change!

uncle chris, aunt kelly, nana and poppop have babysat you some and you are such a ham with them. you’re starting to recognize people and have less stranger danger with family. seeing you with uncle chris melts our hearts, you love giving him slobbery open mouth kisses (we will need to work on that ha!). we love you little lady and cannot wait to see you continue to grow up!






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