smell my feet

halloween is special, especially the first one. due to hurricane sandy, papa had to make up hours at work and unfortunately missed most of the evening, luckily i caught some great pictures just for him. we have some really wonderful neighbors who helped us so much during the storm – playdates with the babies, help taking zoey outside, and food for mike. my heart was full knowing my family was well cared for, i’m not sure i can thank them enough!

we decided we would have fun with a max (where the wild things are) and a lion for the holiday and tote them around a few houses! some of the little kids were so excited to have their first trick-or-treaters (because you know babies trick-or-treat VERY early ha!). it’s so nice to live near some houses and have a sense of community that sometimes our apartment building lacks. after trick-or-treating, we had some inside and then the adults had some delicious food and beverages to cap off the night. it was such a fun evening, can’t wait to do it again soon! next year, we will definitely be trick-or-treating in full force, family costume maybe? ha!

happy (belated) halloween!! we made the babies work hard for their candy hehe!


my sweet little max, my heart melted with her smile.


a momma and her girl :)


a lion and max.


spooky neighborhood decorations!


friendly notes

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