no more noise please

we pay WAY TOO much for rent. it’s embarrassing. we decided to stay in our little apartment when we had little miss and to figure things out when our lease is up. we’ve lived here almost 3 years and no problems. i work night shifts and day shifts, had a baby who needed quietness, and no issues. however, in the past month, they tore down a building right across from us and looks like they’ll be making ridiculous amounts of noise for a very long time.

today is just not ok. the baby is so tired because she can’t nap due to all the noise, and don’t get me started on noise affecting her neurodevelopment (i’m a nicu nurse for goodness sakes! this is KILLING me), i’m already worried. i started smelling noxious fumes today and that’s it. i called husband and he’s going to talk with management, but this is NOT ok. we would not have renewed our lease had we known that they were planning this.

we have never had issues with noise in the past, but we pay way too much money for this to be okay. we are stuck in a rock in a hard place (i think that’s right? ha!) and hope that something gets figured out or we move because this does not sit well with me. i’d hate for this to be affecting our little one. hold back tears momma, come on.

fingers crossed everyone. something’s gotta give.


friendly notes

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