new family member!

no not any more babies, yet… our newest member is a new sister to mike and i, and a new  auntie for clementine! my little brother proposed to his long time girlfriend over the weekend. atop a mountain no less. the girl had to work for it of course! haha!

i was dying to get the official phone call over the weekend, i kept asking everyone “why haven’t we gotten the call yet, i’m dying!!!” we are so thrilled for them and cannot wait to see this beautiful couple walk down the aisle. i’m incredibly close to my brothers, so it is especially exciting to have seen the beautiful rock and hear his nervousness before he proposed. it made my heart melt.

i always wanted a sister and it’s so exciting to finally have one! i may have already purchased some etsy love to celebrate their engagement, i couldn’t help myself! xoxo

after the big moment!


marriage is a beautiful thing. i look forward to seeing their relationship grow over the years. they are gonna make beautiful babies too tehe! xoxo



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