dear santa!

i’m so ready for the season of stocking up for the holidays. i have always enjoyed a good DIY, thrifting, etsy fun previously but this year with a new little one, work, house, and studying for lactation courses (did i tell you? as a bedside nurse, i’m afraid i’ll miss way too many weekend fun things and holidays with my family and i’m not sure my little heart can take it.) it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze to get it all in with the holidays and present prepping. so with that said, i suppose i will need to start now with ideas.

some things i’m thinking for little miss: a sweet little walker for her, some pretty little bows for that bald, beautiful head; and some vintage blocks.

for my main squeeze: zulilly had this great sale with college campus architectural blue prints, but blast i missed it. when you see this you think of my man and oh boy am i purchasing it. was also thinking of this sweater, i mean the guy would be so handsome in it, right?

and last but certainly no least, the pup: some delicious treats and tennis balls. the dog would be happy with a box of toilet paper, but i figure let’s go a little crazy for our first child. ha!


friendly notes

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