katie from chicago

my friend katie will forever be referred to as “katie from chicago” despite her moving up to new york this coming week. it is with a very heavy heart to say goodbye for now to such a good friend. we first became friends sitting next to each other in nursing pre-requisite courses, where it all began! since then, we’ve both graduated from school and work at the same children’s hospital. together we’ve competed in a triathlon and tons of running events downtown, gotten into plenty of shenanigans on the weekends, seen through engagements and pregnancies, and now babies. i can’t imagine not getting together for a morning run and breakfast or zoey, the pup, not freaking out with excitement when katie comes over, so for now i’ll say so long and not goodbye dear friend. and don’t tell me you’re one of those “oh we’ll keep in touch” people because lord knows i’m gonna stalk your butt if i don’t hear from you! miss you tons already.



friendly notes

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