favorite holiday!


i’m pretty much love to celebrate almost any holiday, but especially halloween. i love all the little ones in their costumes, delicious candy, and the beginning a very fun holiday season! we luckily got out for a community halloween party over the weekend with costume parade, petting zoo, and shows. we had such a fun afternoon, it was kind of funny to reflect on how different but exciting life is just one year later ha! our little one is max from where the wild things are. here is  a preview of our sweet girl!






so proud!

as i cuddle back up at home safely, i pray for those who are still being affected by hurricane sandy. i am proud to be a nicu nurse and give big hugs and lots of love to the nurses, families, and patients (big and very small) in NYC. my heart goes out to those in the hospital that was shut down due to sandy’s horrible aftermath. the nurses bagged ventilated patients down multiple flights of stairs and kept the patient’s safety their number one priority. i can only imagine what my night at the hospital last night would have been given if we were in the same situation. bless you NYC nicu nurses, you make us proud and remind me why i became a nurse in the first place!


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it’s official

it is officially declared a weather emergency. looks like this momma will be staying with the nicu babies at the hospital, for how long who knows at this point. praying that all my friends, family, and beyond are safe. hoping i hear from husband with some pictures and love notes because my little heart is having such a hard time with this. i know it’s for the best and for safety, but as a momma you can’t help but want to be with your little ones. hug your little ones and family a bit more, and i’ll hug and love my patients a bit more today too.



momma ochse

hurricane sandy in the city

the east coast is preparing for hurricane sandy and she should make her debut any hour now. husband is preparing for the hurricane at home with the little ones. he apparently is well prepared for the natural disaster if it affects the inside of our apartment and he can quickly go somewhere on foot! ha!


husband and little miss also went out to get some ice before the brunt of the storm visits us. he was not sure how to best make her waterproof and sent me this as the best he could find. where is our little one? haha! i couldn’t help but cry laughing at this picture and it was a much needed photo as i’m most likely stuck at work for an unknown amount of time. i’m trying to stay positive and pray that my family and everyone is safe, but i sure do wish i was home with my family. say some extra positive thoughts for this momma because i sure am having a hard time! especially since i’ve been working the past 4 out of 5 days and this was supposed to be my day to go home!


shakes and gorillas

shakes and gorillas. you know you wish you were there! ha! there truly is no better DC fun day than visits to shake shack and the zoo. thinking of their custard makes me drool right now, and of course their burgers and fries. i’m so glad this NYC chain came to DC (i know as if we need any more burger, shake, fry places in DC; but seriously LOVE this place). they have their holiday shake/custard specifics and i got the frankenstein one, which as a pregnant lady (last year) attempted to get several times but always there on the wrong day.


my friend’s favorite animal is the gorilla and the sheer joy on her face when we visited them was priceless. bless you friend for making me giggle while holding a certain little lady that wouldn’t let anyone else hold her ALL day (stranger danger already?!).


auntie ashley was taking care of all the kids. better watch your kids because she may steal them :)


DIY strikes again


you know momma loves some DIY! i’ve been trying to find some ideas for headbands for little miss because as much as i love all the headbands on etsy (i mean LOVE, so dang cute), i just can’t convince husband that $16 a piece is a good thing (especially when that bald head is gonna grow tons!). i found some really nice ideas on momtastic and attempted to recreate.

i was so proud of myself when i took this picture, but then i realized momma brain! the dang bows are facing the wrong direction! DOH!



luckily with some TLC and editing, i fixed that problem haha! here is the finished product with my little lady. she’s thinking that she may really like this headband :) haha!


no more noise please

we pay WAY TOO much for rent. it’s embarrassing. we decided to stay in our little apartment when we had little miss and to figure things out when our lease is up. we’ve lived here almost 3 years and no problems. i work night shifts and day shifts, had a baby who needed quietness, and no issues. however, in the past month, they tore down a building right across from us and looks like they’ll be making ridiculous amounts of noise for a very long time.

today is just not ok. the baby is so tired because she can’t nap due to all the noise, and don’t get me started on noise affecting her neurodevelopment (i’m a nicu nurse for goodness sakes! this is KILLING me), i’m already worried. i started smelling noxious fumes today and that’s it. i called husband and he’s going to talk with management, but this is NOT ok. we would not have renewed our lease had we known that they were planning this.

we have never had issues with noise in the past, but we pay way too much money for this to be okay. we are stuck in a rock in a hard place (i think that’s right? ha!) and hope that something gets figured out or we move because this does not sit well with me. i’d hate for this to be affecting our little one. hold back tears momma, come on.

fingers crossed everyone. something’s gotta give.

here and there

my little miss on the big girl swing at daycare. can you believe the outfit papa put her in? not too shabby again haha (although i think he may keep putting on the same outfit ha)!

a little pumpkin and her friend niles, baby neighbor friends. my friend at work, her nana made these adorable hand knit pumpkin hats for the nicu babies and this one was just too big for the premature babies and perfect for her big, bald head. thank you! 20121023-111123.jpg

i may have purchased these for her first christmas. the closer to halloween, the more okay it is to christmas shop, right? plus, it’s not too soon to start being a hipster clementine, kidding.

and my most favorite days, are one with this little one. she sure does make us smile a lot over here. i think we might be her favorite people, or at least i’m sticking to that. forever. ha!


first race post-baby!

over the weekend, we geared up for our first race post-baby! we decided to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and visit the army 10 miler expo to get our race packets, then head over to eastern market. i really love living so close to DC and able to visit the flea market and all the homemade items for sale. the bear shirt was pretty spot on for a gift to give my brother, blast they didn’t have his size!


we also stopped by for a bite at good stuff with uncle chris, goodness do i love that place. cheeseburgers, fries, shakes. the infamous toasted marshmallow shake is heaven with a straw in it. bless you spike and your creations! luckily, we were able to sit outside as it was kind of crazy with all the veterans in town for the race on sunday.


pre-race photo. we obviously all look very awake this early in the morning! and our survival photo, we don’t look too unhappy, right?



post-race brunch and beverages with poppop and nana. and our little miss in her first high chair! time is flying way too fast for us over here.


and to close our day, papa was not feeling well (which momma clearly did not know before the race OR somebody would not have been running it!) after the race and ended up with some sort of bug. he’s still home, not feeling great but he’s got a great nurse if i must say! visiting an urgent care clinic, is NOT fun with children. the end. haha!



do you hear a dinosaur?

we have noticed that our little miss has quite the personality and loves her voice (a lot). her latest is sounding like a dinosaur, most of the time in public. several people have come up to her and told her that she sounds like a dinosaur, asking me where she learned this new sound. thus reinforcing what we fear. a dinosaur baby. haha! we’re not sure where she came up with this. here she is in all her glory. rarrrr!