5 months sugar pie!

dear sweet little (not so little these days) clementine,
you are officially 5 months and growing WAY too fast for your momma! we started head first into purees this past month and it has been awesome. you whole heartedly love food girl, got that from your momma probably :) so far we haven’t met a food you don’t like, you’ve tried:green beans, artichokes, bananas, avocado, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, and butternut squash. momma and papa are so hoping you will love a variety of foods and be our little adventurer with food.  you crack us up all the time especially when it’s time for purees – you’ve started this ridiculous pout/slamming of your hands on the tray when we don’t feed you fast enough or you want more! and your poor little chunky, delicious thighs don’t quite fit into your bumbo anymore (hurry up highchair!).
you’re still so interested in your best friend, zoey the pup, and girl you can find a tv in a crowded room and throw your head back to find it, despite our failed attempts to prevent you from watching it! and finally you love to roll, you were way too focused in sitting up and seeing what’s going on for the longest time, but you’ve decided that sleeping on your back may not be as comfortable. being the first time parents that we are, your papa was real worried and took video of you rolling onto your belly while asleep. we may have freaked out a little bit and rolled you back onto your back a few times :)
you are a baby FULL of personality, you love to laugh like a big girl and motor-mouth it up during adult conversations. we are in for it here soon, we just know it haha! we love you to pieces little one and you make our hearts full.
love, momma xoxo

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