nom nom says baby!

we decided to start with purees instead of rice cereal at 4 months. everybody does it differently, so this is just what worked for our family. plus starting with avocados just seems more fun, doesn’t it? and this shouldn’t shock you, but we are making our own purees! we luckily got a food maker from my dear friend, ash, who wasn’t using hers and so we are whipping up some delicious goodies over here. i’m such a nerd, i was so excited about making our own foods for little miss. i mean SO excited.
miss avocado face, nom nom..
zoey, the pup, carefully studying this little human.
our little miss sure did love the avocado and did so well with it too! zoey has realized that little miss may be a future best friend as she kept her eyes on every dribble (probably hoping that there was some bit on the floor, crazy pup). papa has even fed baby and he did awesome, i was at work too! it’s taken some time for him to get comfortable with it, but he was a rockstar of course. we’ve done oatmeal and next up is bananas.

note: she is in a bumbo, but is supervised and we are in process of getting safety belt for recall. 

friendly notes

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