{just for momma}

i so wanted to be able to post more frequently about outfits for momma, but epic fail! lately we had unexpected changes in our daycare plans and to fill in the gaps i have been working a million weekends with the nicu babies. this means i haven’t seen my little family together in quite a few weeks (tears. lots of them!) and so every time that i gotten out of those beloved yoga pants, i never see husband and no one would believe me that i was wearing a big girl outfit! so i decided, maybe i’ll have some shameless self portraits? i mean little miss approved, i swear she let out a giggle when i snapped these. sometimes just getting out of those yoga pants calls for a little celebration, right?

really loving the clothes at h&m lately. love the “boyfriend” look in their tops and some fun vintage flair now. i’ll forever be in love my OP glasses with the clear frames, i might need a pair from bonlook soon though ;)

friendly notes

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