it’s the small things in life…



like making a homemade meal! we’ve been still kinda up-down-here-there with getting into a good routine as we both work full time. the juggling act of parent-worker bee-spouse-friend-superhero is something of a work in progress a lot of the time. so when i somehow come up with a meal that husband hasn’t cooked, it kind of makes me want to high five myself! husband cooks a lot for us and is kind of really big deal in our house.

mexican style cuisine night largely because of the rick bayless green chile enchilada sauce. so we start with vegetables of your choice (i chose yellow zucchini) and quinoa as the starch (can always substitute).


then we have our chicken, oven safe dish, and cant forget the sauce!



place desired serving of quinoa in the bottom of the dish and chopped vegetables on top


next, placed sliced chicken in the dish and complete the process with.. yes, you guessed it.. the sauce!


lastly, bake at 400 degrees until the quinoa and chicken are fully cooked. 20120828-111049.jpg

it needs no added seasoning and is a true life savor in this household because time is sparse these days. you can add as many vegetables as you want (i’m thinking we need bigger dishes so we can have more vegetables in there!) and the meal is gluten free which is a hot item these days! there’s no way this didn’t taste amazing, right??


friendly notes

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