happy four months to our little… lady!

clementine is growing up so fast, i just don’t know that we can call her a little miss anymore because she’s turning into such a lady! we are so in love with this little girl and love every day we spend together.

dear clementine,

happy four months! we are so in love with your sassy personality that you’ve inherited (from papa of course ;) haha!) and the pure joy you get from hearing your voice (preferably in the screaming tone). you are growing so fast and so far this month – you love hearing your beautiful voice (hehe), rolling some (more interested in everything else going on), sitting up in the bumbo (supervised of course), gnawing on those delicious little hands, and time with momma and papa. you are getting to be a tart little lady at night when we put you to bed, but you do sleep long and well and for that we thank you! we are going to ask your doctor about starting some yummy purees, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the avocado and banana we have planned. you are becoming attached to bunny and momma and papa will definitely need to find six more of these in case we lose bunny (although i fear the day that happens)! you are so interested in zoey, the pup, these days and attempt to have loud conversations with her. it’s pretty cute, although we’re not sure that zoey quite grasps all this yet. we can’t wait to see what next month has in store, we love you sweet clementine!

xoxo, momma (and papa and zoey)




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