really? really?!

see my face? it’s saying, “really? really?!” because my little family is pretty ridiculous some days. a lot times you just have to laugh with them.


here we are. baby and me yoga class. we try to go weekly and it gives momma some workout time and baby some socialization (she usually socializes with her vocal cords mostly). see her down there, yup she is passed out (for a whole 10 minutes, don’t be fooled!). this is AFTER she screamed most of the class (again with the vocal cords). then proceeded to pass out and then again with the socializing. little miss, make up your mind haha!


bath time. alas, the end of day ritual. our pup, zoey, has started a new talent – drinking baby’s bath water despite our best efforts to stop her. it doesn’t matter if it’s the water in the tub or you’re pouring water onto baby, she likes it all. apparently it is d-elicious to her. gross zoey!


last but not least. we truly love hearing our voice (as if this video doesn’t prove it people!). and it’s range is usually screaming. kisses to our neighbors ;)

and as the day is done, i say to husband… really? really? you crazy birds that i call family. i sure do love you. all of you.




friendly notes

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