i hate funks.

we’ve been in kind of a funky mood lately. lots of ups and downs. our nanny got injured, so we scrambled to figure out childcare for little miss. work for me has been insane. just insane. taking care of sick babies, families who may not have wore their nice pants that day, not drinking enough water, running around like a crazy lady. also, dealing with production issues (sorry i know that’s personal information) but my personal hope was to get to a year, but right now each day is a success story. then there’s do we stay or move? new jobs or same jobs? our apartment is super tiny and we are feeling like we need more space too. we’re just kind of in this in between limbo land and it’s kind of unsettling. we know it will all work out, but it’s the getting there that is really hard. right now, just trying to put one foot in front of the other, right?

lately, we’ve been staying in our pajamas all day. oops, sorry little miss!


and can’t forget that we’ve been regressing on our naps (lots of my momma friends speak of this lovely “4 month regression,” dang it!), teething for weeks (come on pearly whites!), and just kinda funky. that bottom lip is contemplating some vocalization i think!


here’s to a new tomorrow, hoping we wake up on a new side of the bed. pretty please.

friendly notes

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