is it already wednesday?

we met up with friends for brunch-lunch-momma/papa beverages over the weekend at meridian pint. the food is always great and the beverage menu does not disappoint. and i kind of like it’s slogan of being a neighborhood place. because.. well it’s kinda sweet.

our friends seem to have this parenting trial gig down pretty well, right?! clementine sure could use a playmate close by (and i’m sure their child will be a tad bit taller than our shorty – sorry kid you get zero height from us).


little miss sure did love erin the most. they did a photo shoot in the city and she got some of her gummy smiles and sass.


little miss with her poppop. we are truly lucky that my parents live close because they were able to watch her some and she sure does seem peachy about spending time with them, minus a few loads of laundry. note: outfit and crazy lady hair, clearly momma was at work. haha.






friendly notes

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