Water baby!


i grew up swimming like a fish every summer and i really hope little miss loves the water as much as i did. i had many summers down at my poppop’s beach house swimming in the ocean and pool – even a holiday swim at christmas!

we try to get her out in the water and get comfortable as much as possible. so far she has enjoyed the pool and absolutely loves her bath time (our bathroom is covered in water after every bath – she loves kicking those chubby baby legs around)! we went to the splash park with my friend’s newphew the other day and it was the nicest DC summer day – limited humidity is always something to brag about around these parts. the splash park is free through the county in virginia because a mom had a child with special needs and i believe there was an accident involving drowning, so they established this park with water spouts and activities to let the kids run around in and enjoy the water safely. really great cause and enjoyed by so many – goodness knows it was packed and we had to wait in line to enter. little miss was the youngest babe there but she had a great little time and kept kicking her feed around in the water. love my little water baby!




thank you nana for my swimsuit and auntie ashlee for my hat, it’s adorable and fits my chubby body and peanut head perfectly!





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