pretty please

i may have fell in love with these items today… pretty please?!

this dress and top from lalamagic is incredible. it certainly was love at first . i love things that are not super form fitting, have really fun colors, and good outfit material (by trade, i’m a nurse; so creativity may sometimes be a work in progress). so pretty much everything in this store i may need to have :)

i was reading a beautiful mess on print ideas and this might be the most perfect addition to our place. even if it’s just family visiting, i always feel the need to clean and have the place looking somewhat decent (it’s always that lovely guilt-torture silliness i put on myself that turns into a cleaning fiasco prior to their arrival).. so i feel like this poster would be perfect right as you walk in the door, then maybe that way there would be no confusion as to “condition” you’re entering and i could go easier on myself. haha!

you know once you find something you love on etsy, you just end up finding 500 million other things! i’ve been learning to give myself a time limit because you can totally get lost in all their beautiful homemade items, vintage and thrifted goods, and who knows what else. like this (you know that pillow speaks to you).

i really love this tiny little ring. i’m not a big jewelry person, but i could totally wear this every day. simple, yet classic, and pretty much says it all.

friendly notes

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