since i’ve been back to work its been such an exhausting month. i mean i don’t even think the word exhausting quite gives the emphasis i’m looking for to be honest. i keep telling husband, “i think i must have some sickness because i just can’t catch a break on my tiredness.” i know being a nicu nurse before little miss was tiring on my days off, but i’m finding that it’s a whole new level of tiredness that i’m really having a hard time with. i find that the level of busyness at work is so much that on my days off, i stay in my pj’s till late, nap all day, and am struggling in the whole balance/being healthy realm. i know little miss doesn’t notice because we play all day and cuddle but it bothers me because i wanna feel like i’m giving her 110%.

i was reading some of my favorite blogs and they’ve posted on busyness and are we too busy? i can relate so much to this post and thought it would be a good time to make a list i can work with in our family:

  • no tv past 8 (will have to record The New Girl episodes)
  • read more (which will help with achieving the above)
  • meal plan (so evenings we have an idea)
  • learn to say “no” – as said in cup of jo, determining whether something is a priority
  • accept that sometimes the house is a mess (laundry can always wait, well..because there’s always laundry!)
  • take time to slow down (instead of TV put on some sweet tunes)
  • make more time for ourselves, each other, and our family



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