next purchases for little miss

things on our must buy list coming up are:

1. bob stroller console.. what are two runners to do without one, right? sadly, i am so totally, super excited about little miss being able to sit in the stroller for a run midday (also totally excited for fall, this heat and humidity is for the birds!).

2. baby food maker. now i never thought we’d be into this but talking with our friends it seems that this might be easiest to prep some of her food when i have time off. i hear the all-in-one is the way to go? i hear make the food and put into little ice cube trays to freeze until ready to eat. which baby food prep is best? so far the buzz words are beaba baby food maker vs baby bullet. which one do you use?

3. the remaining parts of the tripp trapp . we received some of the items, but we gotta finish the big purchase. we really love that the high chair can be used for different stages (up to adults) because, well… space is VERY (i mean this word needs like fireworks around it) limited in our place and plus who can resist happy kids? it must be a good product, right? haha!


friendly notes

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