My kinda weekend

We had a low key weekend after a really trying do people work, stay healthy, pack for daycare, be super mom/dad, and have energy? Oh and don’t forget the relationship between papa and momma too. It’s definitely something we are figuring out, although I’m not sure we’ve made progress yet.

We tried to stay low key this weekend because we tend to always say yes to everyone instead of putting ourselves first. We took advantage of tax free shopping (for anyone who knows me, it’s okay you can get up off the floor. I did shop for a short bit then I felt like my soul was dying in the mall and had to leave immediately. Typical.), spent time with the uncles, ran in the wicked heat, enjoyed doughnuts from our favorite coffee shop, and biggest of all – little miss rolled over. Super big deal in our house (as if the delirious laughter from a parent didn’t give it away in this video?). We are those parents :) and seriously who is this kid? I mean posing already? Oh boy are we in for it with this little lady!

Hope you had a great one and are off to a great week!







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