my precious time off

finally after two exhausting and trying days at work, momma’s grinning ear to ear to see this sweet face on my day off. it’s pretty tough to take care of other babies, when all you want is to care for yours. it’s a work in progress, i guess.

good morning sunshine! happiest babe ever.

we walked our pup, zoey, and nana came along too. we went to iwo jima memorial near our place. they had a huge group of WW2 veterans from an honor flight, which my understanding is they pay for a flight to DC and the memorials for our veterans. the sweetest WW2 veteran came up to us and wanted to pet Zoey. then his eyes lit up when he saw me with the stroller and said can i take a peak at the baby? i said sure! he gasped and started talking to clementine and telling us about his great-granddaughter. he thought little miss was pretty dang cute, of course i agreed (i’m not too biased, i swear) then he went on about his time in the war and that he ended up working on the railroads afterwards. it was such a sweet moment, i wish i had gotten it on film. this gentleman truly is from the greatest generation and reminds me so much of my popop. such a warm, down to earth man and full of so much history.

we finished the day with cuddles with this big girl as papa had to stay late at work. can’t get enough of her rolls haha. we’re teething and our hands are so d-elicious.. nom nom.





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