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my new friday


when teething rears its ugly head plus vaccines (poor little miss!), we spend the day relaxing, making silly faces, and listening to good music. this is my new friday and i’m kind of in love with it :)


i wish i had sheer joy staring at my reflection!


speaking of good music, we are really loving the head & the heart and the lumineers. makes me want to go camping, grill out, and have a nice beverage on a mountain top ha! maybe soon? pretty please papa!

cheese, say what?

i cannot tell you how many people misspell my married last name (previous to that, it was johnson). i get it.. the ‘s’ and ‘c’ letters get a bit confusing and somehow they move around like musical chairs when people (including myself at first) try to spell it.

don’t get me started on how to pronounce it.. i have heard what sounds like: oaks, ox, o’cheese, cheese, ock, and och to name a few. as i started this family blog site, i’ve had a few people comment that it can be hard to find it if you don’t know how to spell it exactly right and that frankly sounds annoying to me too haha! husband and i were discussing last night that when our little miss starts to say her last name, what do we think it would most sound like? the answer: CHEESE. so why not refer to our blog as “love the cheese” for now? easy to spell, we all love cheese, and it’s not the first time our last name has been referred to this dairy goodness.

sounds easy enough, right?


love, cheese, and fun. xo. haha!

it’s the small things in life…



like making a homemade meal! we’ve been still kinda up-down-here-there with getting into a good routine as we both work full time. the juggling act of parent-worker bee-spouse-friend-superhero is something of a work in progress a lot of the time. so when i somehow come up with a meal that husband hasn’t cooked, it kind of makes me want to high five myself! husband cooks a lot for us and is kind of really big deal in our house.

mexican style cuisine night largely because of the rick bayless green chile enchilada sauce. so we start with vegetables of your choice (i chose yellow zucchini) and quinoa as the starch (can always substitute).


then we have our chicken, oven safe dish, and cant forget the sauce!



place desired serving of quinoa in the bottom of the dish and chopped vegetables on top


next, placed sliced chicken in the dish and complete the process with.. yes, you guessed it.. the sauce!


lastly, bake at 400 degrees until the quinoa and chicken are fully cooked. 20120828-111049.jpg

it needs no added seasoning and is a true life savor in this household because time is sparse these days. you can add as many vegetables as you want (i’m thinking we need bigger dishes so we can have more vegetables in there!) and the meal is gluten free which is a hot item these days! there’s no way this didn’t taste amazing, right??


happy four months to our little… lady!

clementine is growing up so fast, i just don’t know that we can call her a little miss anymore because she’s turning into such a lady! we are so in love with this little girl and love every day we spend together.

dear clementine,

happy four months! we are so in love with your sassy personality that you’ve inherited (from papa of course ;) haha!) and the pure joy you get from hearing your voice (preferably in the screaming tone). you are growing so fast and so far this month – you love hearing your beautiful voice (hehe), rolling some (more interested in everything else going on), sitting up in the bumbo (supervised of course), gnawing on those delicious little hands, and time with momma and papa. you are getting to be a tart little lady at night when we put you to bed, but you do sleep long and well and for that we thank you! we are going to ask your doctor about starting some yummy purees, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the avocado and banana we have planned. you are becoming attached to bunny and momma and papa will definitely need to find six more of these in case we lose bunny (although i fear the day that happens)! you are so interested in zoey, the pup, these days and attempt to have loud conversations with her. it’s pretty cute, although we’re not sure that zoey quite grasps all this yet. we can’t wait to see what next month has in store, we love you sweet clementine!

xoxo, momma (and papa and zoey)




i hate funks.

we’ve been in kind of a funky mood lately. lots of ups and downs. our nanny got injured, so we scrambled to figure out childcare for little miss. work for me has been insane. just insane. taking care of sick babies, families who may not have wore their nice pants that day, not drinking enough water, running around like a crazy lady. also, dealing with production issues (sorry i know that’s personal information) but my personal hope was to get to a year, but right now each day is a success story. then there’s do we stay or move? new jobs or same jobs? our apartment is super tiny and we are feeling like we need more space too. we’re just kind of in this in between limbo land and it’s kind of unsettling. we know it will all work out, but it’s the getting there that is really hard. right now, just trying to put one foot in front of the other, right?

lately, we’ve been staying in our pajamas all day. oops, sorry little miss!


and can’t forget that we’ve been regressing on our naps (lots of my momma friends speak of this lovely “4 month regression,” dang it!), teething for weeks (come on pearly whites!), and just kinda funky. that bottom lip is contemplating some vocalization i think!


here’s to a new tomorrow, hoping we wake up on a new side of the bed. pretty please.

really? really?!

see my face? it’s saying, “really? really?!” because my little family is pretty ridiculous some days. a lot times you just have to laugh with them.


here we are. baby and me yoga class. we try to go weekly and it gives momma some workout time and baby some socialization (she usually socializes with her vocal cords mostly). see her down there, yup she is passed out (for a whole 10 minutes, don’t be fooled!). this is AFTER she screamed most of the class (again with the vocal cords). then proceeded to pass out and then again with the socializing. little miss, make up your mind haha!


bath time. alas, the end of day ritual. our pup, zoey, has started a new talent – drinking baby’s bath water despite our best efforts to stop her. it doesn’t matter if it’s the water in the tub or you’re pouring water onto baby, she likes it all. apparently it is d-elicious to her. gross zoey!


last but not least. we truly love hearing our voice (as if this video doesn’t prove it people!). and it’s range is usually screaming. kisses to our neighbors ;)

and as the day is done, i say to husband… really? really? you crazy birds that i call family. i sure do love you. all of you.




is it already wednesday?

we met up with friends for brunch-lunch-momma/papa beverages over the weekend at meridian pint. the food is always great and the beverage menu does not disappoint. and i kind of like it’s slogan of being a neighborhood place. because.. well it’s kinda sweet.

our friends seem to have this parenting trial gig down pretty well, right?! clementine sure could use a playmate close by (and i’m sure their child will be a tad bit taller than our shorty – sorry kid you get zero height from us).


little miss sure did love erin the most. they did a photo shoot in the city and she got some of her gummy smiles and sass.


little miss with her poppop. we are truly lucky that my parents live close because they were able to watch her some and she sure does seem peachy about spending time with them, minus a few loads of laundry. note: outfit and crazy lady hair, clearly momma was at work. haha.





Water baby!


i grew up swimming like a fish every summer and i really hope little miss loves the water as much as i did. i had many summers down at my poppop’s beach house swimming in the ocean and pool – even a holiday swim at christmas!

we try to get her out in the water and get comfortable as much as possible. so far she has enjoyed the pool and absolutely loves her bath time (our bathroom is covered in water after every bath – she loves kicking those chubby baby legs around)! we went to the splash park with my friend’s newphew the other day and it was the nicest DC summer day – limited humidity is always something to brag about around these parts. the splash park is free through the county in virginia because a mom had a child with special needs and i believe there was an accident involving drowning, so they established this park with water spouts and activities to let the kids run around in and enjoy the water safely. really great cause and enjoyed by so many – goodness knows it was packed and we had to wait in line to enter. little miss was the youngest babe there but she had a great little time and kept kicking her feed around in the water. love my little water baby!




thank you nana for my swimsuit and auntie ashlee for my hat, it’s adorable and fits my chubby body and peanut head perfectly!