three month birthday!

little miss clementine turned three months old. we can’t believe how fast time is flying, she already is turning into such a big girl (please baby don’t grow too fast for your momma!).

to my sweet little lady,

momma and papa think you might be about 13 lbs so far, what a change from your 7 lbs at birth. you’ve started teething, but we can’t see any full pearly whites yet. you started day care this week and your nanny is really nice to you, but momma misses you so dearly it’s been really tough. i never thought i’d be one to really wish to stay home more, but your momma likes being a momma and playing with you all day.

you’ve really started giggling with a shrieking type scream to it, but we still think it’s pretty cute. and don’t get us started on your sweet gummy smile that is infectious.

and bless you little one for sleeping through the night, i believe this must be some sort of magic and every night i’m still so shocked you did it. what a big girl! you’ve started rolling on your side, which freaks us out a little because before we know it you’ll be running everywhere! and you mess an outfit a day, seriously girl.. keep it in the drawers (you obviously take after papa on that one!).

and most precious is your discovery that your hands (which is your number one pacifier) are indeed connected to your body. and you’ve started to notice those piggly thing on your feet might be fun too. i’m sure the toes will be just as delicious. nom! nom!

we love you sweet girl, and you continue to melt our hearts. your papa is so smitten he’s started writing you letters and was teary eyed about how much he loved you last night. made momma so happy and teary eyed too.


momma xoxo.





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