four years.

four years. that’s the time it took to change my life. i was remembering the other day how a coworker of mine and i used to do business consulting and we’d talk at great lengths about our dreams. i told him i dreamed of saving babies. i remember him saying, “just saving babies?” i said “yes, i want to feel like i’m helping somehow during my time here on earth. i think i want to save babies.” i mean why not, right?

well after years of taking full course loads at the community colleges in DC, working in labor and delivery to gain experience, and completing with high honors at one of the toughest nursing programs. here i am. i have been working in one of the top NICUs in the country and i’ve been.. well…saving babies! ha! i am so grateful for this journey because i have a job that while it is incredibly difficult and heartbreaking at times, i do love it. all of it. i love being an advocate for the ones who have no words yet to match their big personalities, i love all the teaching and educating i am able to do, i love support families to breastfeed, i love the bonds formed with past patients (i still get pictures from my favorite boy!).

go babies!


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