the return is looming…

prior to little miss, i had never imagined anything else other than returning to work full time. but now.. i’m really having a hard time coping with this idea. i get it now. who would willingly want to miss milestones? or smiles? or giggles? or even those horrible days of nonstop fussies? my job as a nicu nurse is intense. very intense. and while i love it and love caring for the babies, i just cant imagine saying goodbye to this one for 14 hours.

how do other moms deal with the return? any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “the return is looming…

  1. I think its different for everyone. I don’t love my little girl any less, but by my 12th week off…I couldn’t wait to go back. She was sleeping 6 hrs a day and I was going completely stir crazy. I had re-organzed every nook and cranny of the house and I desperately needed adult interaction. Play dates here and there were not cutting it. I’m lucky though, I work 8 hours in the office m-thur and then work from home on Friday’s. Its an often difficult but perfect balance for me. I rush home every day at 4:30 to start my quality time. Your schedule sounds tough…any ways to make it more flexible at the beginning? Good luck to you!

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