good friends..

there’s something to be said about good friends. friends that you can simply pick up where you left off, no matter how much time has passed. friends that it’s just so easy. friends that meet ya halfway when you have a new baby. friends that give the best hugs.

i’ve realized that where we live, there’s not many new moms and that’s kind of really important to a new mom. we’re kind of in this limbo land of staying in our city apt until we figure out what we’re doing (which in a perfect world and lots of fingers crossed, maybe a big move is in our future!). so it was so refreshing and supportive to have my college friend from Denver come visit (can she take us with her home?). she sure was so sweet with C and I think they kind of love each other. a. lot.

our afternoon catch up was great and i miss her tons.

friendly notes

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