Love summer

After my first week back to work, I was more than ready for some days off. I’m definitely so exhausted after this week back and we had such a fun weekend with little rest we shall see how this week goes!

Clementine got to meet Rocky finally at busboys and poets (Ashley’s boyfriend was a trooper with these babies!), family came from the north and south, got some nice runs in the city this weekend and the best part of all is that we had our first date night out! We had an amazing tapas style meal at Cava followed with gelato. It was awesome. Just a really lovely summer weekend and so sad it is over :(









three month birthday!

little miss clementine turned three months old. we can’t believe how fast time is flying, she already is turning into such a big girl (please baby don’t grow too fast for your momma!).

to my sweet little lady,

momma and papa think you might be about 13 lbs so far, what a change from your 7 lbs at birth. you’ve started teething, but we can’t see any full pearly whites yet. you started day care this week and your nanny is really nice to you, but momma misses you so dearly it’s been really tough. i never thought i’d be one to really wish to stay home more, but your momma likes being a momma and playing with you all day.

you’ve really started giggling with a shrieking type scream to it, but we still think it’s pretty cute. and don’t get us started on your sweet gummy smile that is infectious.

and bless you little one for sleeping through the night, i believe this must be some sort of magic and every night i’m still so shocked you did it. what a big girl! you’ve started rolling on your side, which freaks us out a little because before we know it you’ll be running everywhere! and you mess an outfit a day, seriously girl.. keep it in the drawers (you obviously take after papa on that one!).

and most precious is your discovery that your hands (which is your number one pacifier) are indeed connected to your body. and you’ve started to notice those piggly thing on your feet might be fun too. i’m sure the toes will be just as delicious. nom! nom!

we love you sweet girl, and you continue to melt our hearts. your papa is so smitten he’s started writing you letters and was teary eyed about how much he loved you last night. made momma so happy and teary eyed too.


momma xoxo.




four years.

four years. that’s the time it took to change my life. i was remembering the other day how a coworker of mine and i used to do business consulting and we’d talk at great lengths about our dreams. i told him i dreamed of saving babies. i remember him saying, “just saving babies?” i said “yes, i want to feel like i’m helping somehow during my time here on earth. i think i want to save babies.” i mean why not, right?

well after years of taking full course loads at the community colleges in DC, working in labor and delivery to gain experience, and completing with high honors at one of the toughest nursing programs. here i am. i have been working in one of the top NICUs in the country and i’ve been.. well…saving babies! ha! i am so grateful for this journey because i have a job that while it is incredibly difficult and heartbreaking at times, i do love it. all of it. i love being an advocate for the ones who have no words yet to match their big personalities, i love all the teaching and educating i am able to do, i love support families to breastfeed, i love the bonds formed with past patients (i still get pictures from my favorite boy!).

go babies!

an itty bitty weekend.

saturday was our last day before our first time of daddy day care and the day i returned to work. we enjoyed some delicious sweetgreen salads (i’m pretty sure i’ve had the bondi salad multiple times a week for my entire maternity leave now) and a morning outing in eastern market. we finally visited the children consignment, monkeys uncle (been dying to make a visit for so long now!) and so glad we did. found the most perfect cozy outfit for clementine. we will definitely be returning to the store soon!

sweet papa sent me this picture during my first shift back, bless you husband. really needed it. Like REALLY.


{just for momma}

getting ready to return for work, i ended up having a little too much to get done on my to-do list. so here’s part of our outing in eastern market on saturday. it was a beautiful, cool summer morning. i was really excited about being comfortable and cozy in a long dress and sweater, and also with a baby strapped to me. it was pretty spectacular. we love going to the market over the weekends to see the vendors, crafts, flea market, and sweet shops.

posing already..

i love this series of pictures (silly iphone didn’t like a baby in motion). little miss is posing, posing, posing, … and then meatball DOWN! haha. (don’t worry she was not hurt) one of these days we will have head and body control :)

soaking up these last few days with just momma and little miss. and squeezing her a little tighter today. if you haven’t already heard, there was a mass shooting in colorado this morning, so awful. youngest victim was a little babe. heartbreaking for all victims and families. our thoughts and prayers are with them!

donate for a great cause.

i’m in a few momma support groups and this particular one is for momma’s that work. a woman in the group posted this support link for their friend’s baby who passed away from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). SIDS is such a scary word, because.. well we just don’t know why it happens sometimes and the unknown is terribly disturbing. i cannot fathom going through something so difficult when i feel like i just met my baby. my heart hurts so bad for this family, just tears at your heart strings.

so as i place my sweet clementine down for a nap, i’ll hug her a little longer and give her a few more kisses because i’m so lucky to have her and my little heart skips a beat just thinking about her.

a collection of random

just was looking at a bunch of our random iphone photos from the past few weekends. we sure did have some’s super nice to live in a city with so much to offer – great food, walking, friends, fun. it’s also so crazy to see how fast clementine is growing and changing, stay my snuggly little miss forever please!

delicious brunch with friends

ice cream just husband and i

babies at play (we better be careful, C was flirting a little too much with A for papa’s taste)

bedtime with C

poor zoey so tired from baby

love from momma and papa

bbq with friends celebrating little lauren, C had partied her heart out

lights out meatball.

Little Miss is gonna have a lot to say!

This little lady is quite the chatterbox these days. Yes, we’re those ridiculous parents who taped, picture, and crazily attempt to record every smile, chat, and maybe even messes. I mean, who really isn’t that parent? Haha!

We love her little coos now, but we think we will be in for it here soon… if it’s any indication of the future, we all won’t get much in word wise! Ha!

Chatty little miss

{just for momma}

this weekend, we met friends near the zoo for the day and walked for a bit. can i tell you how lovely summer is without humidity? and how amazing getting out and about is with my little family? so glad we got to enjoy some of sweet summer together.

clearly, one of my closest friends in my closet is urban outfitters

can’t get enough of my new sunglasses from bonlook. so in love!