C is two months already?!?

not sure where the time seems to be flying, but clementine is already two whole months! we had a round of shots at the pediatrician and naturally momma started crying and C started screaming. she’s on the mend tho.

dear c,

you truly are a sassy little lady, full of spunk. your smiles, coos, and giggles are contagious. you love to play and smile at your papa (bless you. b/c papa misses some of your moments and that’s tough on his lil heart). you jibber-jabber your legs on the play mat and of course we think it’s adorable. and thank you for being so nice to zoey, the pup, who loves to lick your face for mouth kisses (we hope you dont learn this trick). the best of all – you sleep very well at night, a whole 8 hours last night. it’s like a dream! you’re 25% height, 56% weight, 14% head. we love you chubby, short, small head kid.

love, momma xoxo

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