crazy summer

fierce fires, heat, and storms oh-my and to think it’s only june?! thinking of all those affected. (is it too soon to wish fall was here?)

this wicked picture courtesy of local dc station

i never thought of this pre-baby C but my yoga momma group posted this helpful info for keeping momma milk from spoiling: “When the power goes off, food will remain frozen in your freezer for several hours—maybe as long as several days. If your freezer is full and not opened dur- ing the power outage, the food will remain frozen for up to 2 days—even if it is in the heat of the summer. If the freezer is only half full, food may stay frozen only 1 day. This time will also depend on the seals in your freezer. If there is leaking around the seals allowing cold air to escape, your food will thaw much faster. Replace loose gaskets now to help preserve your food when the power does go out in the future. You can also add bags of ice to the freezer.”


C is two months already?!?

not sure where the time seems to be flying, but clementine is already two whole months! we had a round of shots at the pediatrician and naturally momma started crying and C started screaming. she’s on the mend tho.

dear c,

you truly are a sassy little lady, full of spunk. your smiles, coos, and giggles are contagious. you love to play and smile at your papa (bless you. b/c papa misses some of your moments and that’s tough on his lil heart). you jibber-jabber your legs on the play mat and of course we think it’s adorable. and thank you for being so nice to zoey, the pup, who loves to lick your face for mouth kisses (we hope you dont learn this trick). the best of all – you sleep very well at night, a whole 8 hours last night. it’s like a dream! you’re 25% height, 56% weight, 14% head. we love you chubby, short, small head kid.

love, momma xoxo

yards park and food trucks

we are really loving dc’s newest parks that are popping up.

we visited yards park.. it is amazing! river walkway, fountains for little chicks, lounge chairs. a little piece of paradise in the city.


C snuck some cuddles with her uncle. kind of melts my heart. BIG time. also got in a bite from food trucks on M St.


we’re kind of really loving having uncle so close. as in kind of making this a weekly outing. doesn’t he look so handsome in his work outfit?

Weekender Update

this past week we visited uncle chris at work for a lunch break in eastern market for some delicious eats – pizza and gelato.

we also were lucky to attempt C’s first pool experience. she wasn’t so sure at first, but ended up loving it (despite the facial expression ha!).

and of course we had giggles and cuddles with papa.

Goodbyes are never easy.

We had a going away lunch for a very dear friend, Amy. Her hubby landed a new job in Atlanta and I’m still wanting to shed tears over the distance they will be now. The lunch was the very restaurant we all first went to dinner and became such good friends and ironically the same cuisine just after Amy returned from her insane Greece trip (still madly jealous!)…



I may have also tried guilting Amy with some smiles from C and chalkboard love notes. Alas, it looks like they’re still moving haha. We will miss you auntie amy!!




Weekend fun

We had a great weekend running outside together, walking the lake with our friends, miss E’s birthday party and hanging with our daddy.

Tough cookie

Well miss C proved that 6 week growth spurts can be somewhat less glamorous than expected. Little miss didn’t have much that made her happy and it was a very long weekend for momma and daddy (and poor nana on her birthday). We did manage to celebrate nana’s bday some with our boyfriend aiden and visit cousin Chrissie and kissies from Celia. Here’s to hoping for a good week lil miss!