Weekend catch up

We had a really lovely holiday visiting out with friends and family, hiking, and indulging at northside social, bayou bakery and local gelato. Can’t every weekend be three days (only when I’m on leave tho haha)???








Thankful for holiday weekends!

Well even more thankful to be off work because you know I’d be scheduled! Looking forward to spending some quality time together and not a mere glimpse in the evening! Our chunky girl started bottle feeds with hubby (still very much a work in progress). Having better sleep finally do we are able to play more. Have a great holiday!




Boyfriends and long nights

Clementine met her older more mature boyfriend, Aiden. I’m pretty sure the favorite is her screaming that picture time was over or that Aidens toots were yucky!

We’ve had some pretty exhausting days and trying to figure out this sweet yet tart lil girl. We didn’t know if it was growth spurts, being a premie, colic, reflux, diaper rash. We’ve had it all in less than a month! Turns out husband was quite the colicky and fussy gussy babe which explains why fussy gussy is clementines nickname at times! We’ve done elevating her bed, gripe water, gas drops, nap nanny. Everything. Slowly we are finding that walk, bath, feed, bed is our nighttime charm.

What is other new mommas tricks? There’s so much new info and theories it’s def hard to figure it all out!

She may be a fussy gussy but she’s all ours and wouldn’t change a thing!





Friday bliss!

Today was big time – peanut slept for three hour increments which is so blissful compared to every hour and a very tired momma, peanut and I had our very first lunch date (look at how well rested we look!), and daddy took baby on all by himself while momma got a pedicure (shes out like a meatball for him)! Friday was amazing! Let’s hope every Friday is this good :)