Four days old

Happy four days clementine! Our little peanut is stealing our hearts each day and we are loving it. She definitely is a sassy girl!





Major celebration

Today marks five years when we became Mr and Mrs and I never would of thought we’d celebrate while holding our Clementine Rose. So much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for. I can tell you that after seeing husband with his little girl it makes me melt and love him even ever more! Happy 5 years love, you make me so happy!



Weekend showering love

Full of love for baby C and PURPLE!! Mom and Ash threw a lovely shower and it was such a treat to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. Can we do it again please? No seriously, having all my favorite people in one place makes me smile big. Real big. Now the waiting game till the sassy one decides to arrive!


Bunny weekend

We had a super nice holiday weekend – finished up some items for the nursery, husband got some outdoor runs and I did lots of yoga. No weekend is complete without sweets. Favorite part of the weekend – visiting the lovely baked and wired and a walk with the pup. Hope you had a great holiday!





Weekend recap

This weekend was more exciting for husband than I as I had to work all of it. Work is def getting more tough, 12-13 hours on your feet caring for sick itty bitties.. luckily this weekend was pretty good for me sans a new culprit (see below). Here are snipits of us… human pillow (?), Zoey pretending to be innocent yet chicken is missing, husband working on his toy box for baby C, me with this wicked yet so attractive swelling (and yes it’s a large baby, 7 more weeks to cook), and more progress on husband’s toy box.