Birthday catch up

We had a great weekend (well two weekends) celebrating husband. Black keys concert, food with friends, debauchery with friends (beware man carrying cat), lost dog with parents, capped off cava and baked and wired. I see one very happy man in these pics :)




Bugs are not always fun

Was home sick from work with a wicked gi bug that apparently has not left the building yet. Being sick while almost 8 months pregnant is rough but my sweet husband stayed home and we got some fresh air at the park that evening. Love my little family!



love list

It has been a difficult few weeks around these parts – work has been emotionally, physically draining beyond belief and a close friend needs our prayers and positive juju without going into further details. It’s just been tough. Really tough which is why I thought a love list would be a great way to reflect.

Things that I love, are loved, and are amazingness by itself: Husband for happiness and all of it under, parents for taking me out after a tough week, catching up with old friends, yoga, warm baths, furry animals named Zoey, milkshakes.